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Rosh Hashana

The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana starts tonight, as we enter the year 5767.

For those of you who are observing this holiday, shanah tovah. Have a happy and healthy new year!

For those of you who are not observing this holiday, have a great weekend! Be advised that I will be away from the Internet until late Sunday night.

For those of you who want to know what it's all about, check out Judaism 101: Rosh Hashanah for a good basic introduction to the holiday.


There's a big Kaballah Convention going on in Chicago over this weekend. I can't decide if the timing is amusing or appalling.
I'd go with appalling.
Shana Tovah!
(one of these days I have to get myself over to wherever the heck it is you live for a visit now that I am a Bostonian.)
We live in Brookline, and we have a few good kosher restaurants...
Happy New Year!

I don't know if this is a good or a bad admission, but I actually remembered what year this is now in the Jewish calendar thanks to the autographs you gave me back at RavenCon. :)
I am amused. :-)

(Sometimes I don't even remember what year it is. The secret is that the last digit is the same as for the Gregorian calendar, except in the fall when the new year hits.)
Shanah Tovah!

I read a book (Sci-Fi) that was set in 5767. It was written in the 50's. The author is Jewish and I wonder whether it was supposed to be set in the Gregorian or the Jewish calander. Either could be realistic for the story. Hmmm...


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