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Jerusalem Post article

The Friday edition of the Jerusalem Post is supposed to have an article on Israeli and Jewish science fiction in their "Upfront" section, which is the magazine, and apparently I'm mentioned. If anyone reading this is in Israel and can get me a copy, I'd appreciate it. I've also heard that it will be in the weekend edition which is available on Friday at newsstands in New York City.


Wow. Cool.

You can also try the Internet version of the paper, of course.


I'm planning to check the webpage, too; I've been told that it'll be there under either Features or Books.
Neat! Did they interview you at some point, or is it a passing reference, or what?


I honestly don't know if it's a passing reference, but I imagine it is, as the focus of the article is supposed to be Israeli science fiction. However, I was interviewed by email.
Do any of the Harvard Square newspaper stands have the Post? (I just thought one of them might)


It turns out that the Israel Book Shop carries the international edition, so I should be able to pick it up there. (Although I won't be able to pick it up tomorrow, since they close at 2 PM and I won't be home until after 3 PM. And then straight on to Boskone.)
If I remember my shops correctly that's right near Ruth's Kitchen, keerect? I think, if this is the case, that picking it up for you before Shabbat could be arranged.

Lemme know?


The Israel Book Shop is right across the street from Ruth's, and they close at 2 PM. If you'd actually be able to pick up a copy of the Jerusalem Post for me and bring it to shabbat dinner at Boskone, I'd be most grateful. (BTW, Nomi and I got the soft drinks yesterday, and we're picking up challahs tonight...)

Date/time weirdness

Now can anyone tell me why this entry, which I posted on the morning of February 12th, claims to have been posted the evening of February 11th?

One of two things for probable: either the time/date stamp when this was posted was altered (possible but less probable) or when the original window for updating the journal was brought up it was done the evening of the 11th.

When I post my weekly updates I make it a point, before posting, to bring the time forward to the current moment. Otherwise, for example, this past Wednesday would have said that I'd posted my screed at ten past noon instead of two thirty.

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