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Syncing a Visor to an iMac G4 using Palm version 4

Does anyone out there know enough to help me get my Visor to sync correctly with my new machine? It keeps hanging on the DateBook, but when we cancel it, the DateBook appears synced properly.

If anyone out there does this professionally, I'd be willing to pay a usual fee.


Hmm. I've been having weird problems with syncing -- at some point during the sync, I need to click on the syncing application in the dock to get it to unhang. When you do a sync, make sure that that window is the one on top of all the other windows. That seems to make it stop hanging for me. I wonder if there is some problem with parallel processing locking up on the application or OS level.

No kidding...

Wow. I actually did use to do this for a living. No kidding. Hrm, lemme see. Things to check:
1) What conduit are you using? As in, what App. are you synching to? Palm Desktop? If so, I would suggest (unless you have critical information there) uninstalling and reinstalling your Palm Desktop and Hotsynch Manager.
2) Barring that, do a hard-reset of your Palm device. Little pin in thr hole in the back, press the power button, release the pin and press the up key? I think. It should hard-wipe your Palm and take you back to the calibration screen.
3) Palm desktop ID. Make sure your Palm User ID is created correctly.
4) Rapidly opening and closing the conduits in the hotsynch manager on Mac can often cause the information there to change to ASCII characters. Double-check the conduit info.
5) Disable-disable-disable. Working with the Hotsynch Manager you can disable conduits individially. All the BS like system backup and hardware you don't need. Disable every conduit, and then try to synch to each one individually. This is because...
6) If the info from the datebook is progressing to the Palm Desktop and Vice-Versa, it may be hanging on the next conduit.
7) I remember something fussy about Visors...because they're not exactly PALMs...I *think* there maybe a different set of conduits? for it? Or that may have been with the 3.02 desktop. Hrm. Check on the support section of, what, Palm.com?

If you keep having trouble, comment here and I'll see what else I can think of...

Re: No kidding...

gnomi actually emailed the PalmOne people for tech support, and they emailed back saying that they're still testing the latest Plam Desktop software against system 10.3. Sigh. Anyway, I've been trying to hotsync with Palm Desktop 4, and then a friend tried to get iSync to do it, and now I'm totally lost. Also, I have no idea how to get a Vindigo conduit in all this.

As it is, I think I'll try hotsyncing on my older iBook just to make sure the data is backed up somewhere.
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