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And the Pluto Debate Is Getting Fierce...

As also noted on savepluto, things are getting heated over at the IAU General Assembly...

From Battle of the planet definitions heats up (New Scientist Space):

Of the hundreds of astronomers present, however, a majority opposed the new resolutions, which just like the original definition would admit many new bodies to the rank of planet. If the straw poll taken at the meeting reflects the real voting on Thursday, the resolutions will we thrown out, and there will be no definition at all....

Later, when more questions were prevented, there was a cry of: "If there is democracy, listen to the questions. Let the people speak!" And feathers were further ruffled when planet committee member Richard Binzel of MIT told the delegates: "You can vote based on physics, or maybe you have some preconceived idea of what a planet should be."
Tags: astronomy, pluto, science, space

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