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Steaks on a Plate, or MooTour 1.5: Culling the Herd

Ever since we went on the first part of MooTour last Sunday, gnomi and I have both found ourselves craving steak. We actually couldn't remember the last time we had eaten steak (which, from a health perspective, is probably a good thing). So, yesterday evening we went to Rubin's and ordered steak.

Using our new camera, I took some pictures, so I present for your visual pleasure -- Steaks on a Plate!


(Okay, so technically that's just one Steak on a Plate. But there was a second one, trust me on this.)

And what would a juicy, 12-oz steak be without dessert? We shared a chocolate chip pie and an orange coconut cake:

Cake1 Cake2

Copyright © Michael Burstein


...I present for your visual pleasure -- Steaks on a Plate!


Well, as you always told me, the beauty of a pun is in the oy of the beholder.
It's a good thing that I usually don't get hungry in the mornings...

But you might want to put the pictures behind an LJ-cut...
Oh, and BTW: any idea how to center that first image?
hmm, I haven't posted images to LJ yet, but it looks like you used a table to insert the images...

Try adding align="center" to the <table> tag.
Perfect! Thanks!
If you used an img src tag, you can add align="center" to it.

Sample with square brackets:
[IMG align="center" src="http://foo.com/animage.gif"]
I used LJ's automatically generated code, but adding align="center" seems to work.
It's a little known fact that JK Rowling is buying into current movie hype for her newest book.

In the eighty-second chapter of Harry Potter and The Wrong Trousers, Harry, Ron and Hermione are trying track down Snape, who's used polyjuoce potion on tourists visiting Stonehenge to make them all look like him. Harry and crew must track down the real Snape amongst all of the imposters walking about Salisbury Plain.

The chapter's title?

Snapes on a Plain!!
This reminds me of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
What's sick is that you actually posted pictures of a steak and pieces of cake. What's sicker is that I actually looked behind the cut to see them. Aarrgghh!
Have you heard of Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats? He's photographed every breakfast, lunch, and dinner he has eaten for about 35 years. He won the Ig Nobel prize last year in Nutrition for what he has done.
See, it's not only sick, it's derivative .
that chocolate chip pie looks divine.
That was about my response, yes.

Rubin's does make one of the best steaks I've eaten out in Boston. A little part of me wonders when they'll ditch the deli and go for upscale Kosher steakhouse. Hopefully the answer is Never.
They do now offer some upscale meals, in their specials. I don't think they'll ever ditch the pastrami on rye, though. And I'm glad.

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