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MooTour 2006 Part II

The reviews are in, and the critics all agree -- MooTour 2006 is a hit!

rhysara exults, "Armed only with a digital camera and a map I set forth to brave the the dangers of mad cow disease and bad-cow-puns."

batwrangler raves, "Today, I saw about sixty cows and took almost 800 photos on mabfan and gnomi's MooTour!"

theodosia crows, "I survived the great MooTour of '06, with about a hundred or so new cow pictures..."

And now... From the producers of MooTour 2006 comes...

MooTour II: The Wrath of Kine

Join us on our quest for the occasionally elusive Cow Parade cows!

Date: 20 August 2006

Time: Starting at 11:00 AM

Location: Meet at Park St. Station, by the MBTA Cow. We'll be heading from there to the remaining (approximately 55) cows we did not see on MooTour I.

RSVP to:
Tags: boston, brookline, personal

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