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MooTour 2006, Part I: A Brief Report

Yesterday, gnomi and I, along with a bunch of friends, went on MooTour 2006. The point of MooTour was to see and photograph every single cow statue that has come to Boston for CowParade.

In order to get into the spirit of such a silly undertaking, Nomi and I began the MooTour wearing distinctive headgear, as you can see in the photo below:

Nomi and Michael at MooTour

Although MooTour was scheduled to begin at 11 AM, we began the day with breakfast at Rubin's. We were joined by Davey (LJ: damascene) and Chip. From Rubin's we took the T downtown, and then waited for the rest of our friends to show up. The others who joined us on MooTour (besides Chip and Davey) were Joanne (LJ: dancingdeer), JB (LJ: jbsegal), Sheila (LJ: batwrangler), Betty, Bey (LJ: buxom_bey), Sarah (LJ: rhysara), Kevin (LJ: queue), Connie (LJ: theodosia), and Colin (LJ: zmook).

We started in Copley Square, mostly because I had misread the map and thought that we could see all the cows there and then head east. It turns out there were cows to the west as well, near the Hynes Convention Center, on Newbury Street, and in the Prudential Center. So after we saw all the Copley cows, we headed west to see those cows as well.

I'm sorry to say that there were too many cows for me to list them all at the moment, nor have we gotten our photos up on the web yet. But what I can tell you is that there is a certain level of joy inherent in taking photographs of bovine statuary. Also, during the MooTour, we discovered the Cow Hospital in the Prudential Center, where cows that are broken go for repair. The hospital also sells a variety of stuffed animal cows that look like some of the cow statues, so we may want to go back to get one or two of them.

As Nomi has noted, we saw 60 cows, more than half of the 117 total cows. But by the time we were wrapping up in the Boston Common, our feet were feeling beat. So we decided that we would have to continue our own personal MooTour another time. A few of our friends decided to go home as well, but some bravely journeyed on, and I'm hoping we'll hear reports of them having seen many more cows than we did.

But because Nomi and I have to go this space for an announcement of MooTour 2006, Part II!

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