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Brief Random Update

I haven't blogged much of significance in a few days, partly because it doesn't feel like I have much going on right now. So here's a random noting of things that I suppose I could blog about more if I wanted to. (And yes, I know I've fallen behind my own schedule of Robert's Rules of Writing commentary; I'll get back to it less sporadically as soon as I can.)

Last night I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. I have no idea why, but there it is. I got about two to three hours of sleep, so I feel exhausted this morning.

Earlier this week the New York Times reported the death of former Representative Thomas Manton, who was a major player in Queens politics when I was a teen. He was a traditional machine politician, for both good and bad.

Nomi and I saw three movies recently: Wordplay, An Inconvenient Truth, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Somehow I got this idea in my mind to combine the first two and run a crossword puzzle marathon to raise money to fight global warming. I suppose we could figure out a way to work in pirates somehow as well. (Remind me to post about how I've been making saxikath train for next year's American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.)

Nomi and I have been watching a lot of Stargate recently, as we attempt to catch up with the series. We're currently in the middle of season four. It's a fun show.

I enjoyed the first episode of Life on Mars, the new BBC show about a modern-day cop who has an accident and finds himself back in the year 1973. Recommended.

I've been working on a proposal, two stories, and an outline. And I've just had two stories, "Paying It Forward" and "Kaddish for the Last Survivor," translated and published in the Czech magazine Ikarie.

Sad to say, Nomi and I will not be making it to Worldcon this year. On the plus side, though, we'll be at Pi-Con on Sunday August 13.

A few books I've read recently are "Chances Are...: Adventures in Probability" by Michael Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan; "Fall of Knight" by Peter David; "Crossworld: One Man's Journey into America's Crossword Obsession" by Marc Romano; "The Twelfth Card" by Jeffery Deaver; and "Cellphone: The Story of the World's Most Mobile Medium and How It Has Transformed Everything!" by Paul Levinson.

And I'm brushing my teeth more often.

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