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Small Question

While I'm in the midst of doing stuff other than blogging...

I seem to recall a series of books from childhood with a character who solved mysteries. He (or she) used the slogan "No question too small." I've run a Google search on that phrase, but a lot of other places seem to use it as well. Does anyone out there have an inkling of what book or books I might be remembering?

(Edited To Add: It's from Encyclopedia Brown. Thanks to all!)


Completely off the top of my head, maybe Encyclopedia Brown or The Three Investigators?
Ooh! Someone else remembers The Three Investigators!
Sounds like Encyclopedia Brown to me.
I third the Encyclopedia Brown idea
Encyclopedia Brown's sign reads:

No Case Too Small
25 cents Per Day Plus Expenses
Oh, man. I'm having all sorts of childhood flashbacks now...
While cleaning my basement the other day, I just found the complete hardcover set of Encyclopedia Brown books that I had shipped home when I worked for their publisher. These will replace the badly tattered copies that my mother sent from her basement to my children last year.
I will be happy to hold onto those hardcover Encyclopedia Brown books for you in the meantime. :-)

From Publisher's Lunch yesterday

Donald J. Sobol's new ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN mystery, the first in nearly five years, to coincide with the re-release of the series in paperback, to Mark McVeigh at Dutton, for publication in 2007, by Edward Necarsulmer IV at McIntosh & Otis.

Re: From Publisher's Lunch yesterday

So either I'll have to stay on the lookout for it, or find someone to get them for me as a present. :-)

Thanks for the info!

Re: From Publisher's Lunch yesterday

Well! There's a welcome face I haven't seen in quite a while! Since I'm approximately 65 days behind in my Publisher's Lunch reading, thanks for the tip.

Re: From Publisher's Lunch yesterday

[cyber waves from Madrid]

I come for a lurk-visit from time to time.
The 25-cent retainer to be deposited in an old gas can in his garage office, IIRC.
Encyclopedia Brown: no case too small.

Encyclopedia Brown!

I know it was already answered, I am just proud that for once, I knew something.
"Brown Detective Agency, 13 Rover Avenue, Leroy Brown President, NO case too small, 25 cents per day, plus expenses"
I'm glad you found it.

One of the ironies of my current marriage is that my husband can count the number of children's books he's read on two hands and some toes.

The only children's books he'd read AS A CHILD were the Encyclopedia Brown books, and one of Isaac Asimov's titles.
...and for fun, read some Encyclopedia Brown stories and Two Minute Mysteries back to back.

Same author (Donald Sobel), many of the same mysteries. I didn't realize they were the same author until I read a mystery that sounded awfully familiar as a kid....

Yup. Except that the Two Minute Mysteries often have murders in them. Which often makes more sense -- I mean, Encyclopaedia Brown cases have really stupid reasons for the victim to not just TELL people what happened.
Darn, I would have gotten it in one.

I find norda's comment about the only books her husband read as a child being EB and an Asimov title interesting. My memories of the EB stories do remind me of early Asimov stories. The story I remember the most involves the bully displaying some new martial arts move that knocks opponents unconscious and tries to get Sally Kimball to back out of a fight. She, of course, knows the move is useless...but how she knew the move was a hoax was the mystery to be solved in that particular story.
Awww, I read this too late to answer... (I used to love that series!)

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