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Blogging Survey Results

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the poll I posted. The results were indeed quite fascinating to me. Here's the results as of this morning, along with my commentary:

1. I blog for the following reasons (check all that apply):
As a personal journal 88.7%
To promote my published work 23.9%
To talk about topics that interest me 83.1%
I don't blog, but I use my journal to read blogs 8.5%
Other (please explain in comments) 21.1%

It would appear that these results mirror the Pew survey. The vast majority of people said they blog as a personal journal and to talk about stuff they're interested in. I suppose this should have been fairly obvious, but it's always good to get data. About one-fifth of you are promoting published work, and a tiny but non-insignificant number simply use LiveJournal to read blogs (although one person mentioned blogging elsewhere.)

I'm interested in that last statistic because I started a LiveJournal account solely to read other people's blogs, and the whole blogging thing sucked me in. I wonder how many other people have that same experience.

2. I primarily blog about (check all that apply):
My personal life 84.5%
Movies 40.8%
Television 38.0%
Science fiction 47.9%
Writing 54.9%
Politics 39.4%
Science 25.4%
Religion 25.4%
Other (please explain in comments) 26.8%

After I put together the poll, I realize I had left out comic books, one of my favorite topics. Oh, well.

Personal life is right up there, as the results of the first question also indicated. But what I find fascinating here is that while a slight majority of respondents noted that they blog about writing, the number who blog about science fiction was a little under 50%. So if I do have a lot of science fiction writer types out there blogging, they seem a little more interested in discussing writing than science fiction.

3. I consider myself either an aspiring or working writer.
Yes 63.4%
No 36.6%

This, of course, for me was the main question. As I noted yesterday, I thought I had a skewed view of the blogosphere because I am read by, and therefore read, mostly writers. The statistics bear me out; a little more than three-fifths of the people who responded consider themselves writers. No wonder why I feel the blogosphere is filled with writers!

There were some interesting responses in the comments, and I encourage people to take a look. I don't have time to discuss them all, but I do want to note the comments from bluepapercup and michelel72. Both mentioned the idea that there is a difference between "blogging" and keeping an online journal. I get the feeling that the outside world considers a "blog" something that only a professional or a journalist should attempt, which is why many non-bloggers get confused when they hear that so many of us keep some sort of online journal. My guess is that the definition of the word "blog" is still somewhat amorphous, and will need tightening in the future.

In the meantime, go out there and enjoy your blogging or online journaling!
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