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Special to the Swag Report

My wife receives swag at Dawes Landing!:

Yesterday, as I was heading to the 66 bus, there was a pair of young men (I'd say early to mid-20s) offering people bottles of cold water. They were very polite, asking simply, "Would you like a bottle of water," nothing else. I accepted the offer of water (I never turn down water in the summer), and only discovered then that along with the bottle of water they were handing out a business card for Hope Fellowship Church in Porter Square, Cambridge...


We had a similar experience at the Sharon 4th of July celebrations at the beach (celebrated on the 3rd of JulY). Some people, including a guy on a unicycle, were handing out free frisbees. Who can resist? Then we noticed that they were from Jews for Jesus. What chutzpah to do that in Sharon! We returned ours. Others were planning on keeping and destroying theirs.
What chutzpah to do that in Sharon!

Where better? After all, there's no point in doing it in, say, Dedham! (As someone who had invited me for lunch once said, after trying to play J-geography with me, "Dedham? Dedham? There ARE no Jews in Dedham!" (I responded, "no, just vanishingly few.")

Not like they don't do it in Brookline and certain intersections in Brighton all the time; and they've established a headquarters down the street from us. (I love the fact that their trashcans are all labeled "Jews for Jesus" in the same way that many trashcans are labeled "trash.")
I got a granola bar from them at Kendall once. It had a business card attached, and I ate the granola and stuffed the card, unread, in my pocket. Then I found the Hope business card later that day and had to think hard to figure out where I'd picked it up.

I did read the packaging on the granola bar (it was Quaker, which I don't think they are) at least, but I should really read cards like that first in case they say "Now with Added Strychnine!" or something.

December 2016

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