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Poll: Why Do You Blog?

[To understand the reasons behind this poll, please see my previous post, Survey of the Blogosphere.]

Poll #774048 Why Do You Blog?

I blog for the following reasons (check all that apply):

As a personal journal
To promote my published work
To talk about topics that interest me
I don't blog, but I use my journal to read blogs
Other (please explain in comments)

I primarily blog about (check all that apply):

My personal life
Science fiction
Other (please explain in comments)

I consider myself either an aspiring or working writer.


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I blog on riba_rambles but use my LJ primarily to read other LJs.

I chose "No" on whether I consider myself a writer.
I write, but purely amateur, no interest in going pro.
I know of a few people who blog elsewhere but use an LJ to reply to other LJs. I got a Blogger account for the same reason, in reverse.
Ah.... I thought I was the only one!
I bloggeth about pop culture and personal philosophy and the silly.
i first got onto LJ to keep in touch with people i'm friends with in real life that have scattered across the country and beyond. you come under that heading. ;) then i started meeting people through other people. most of my blog is friendslocked to some degree, and i keep it nonsearchable.

should i ever want to use a blog to promote my self or my writing, i'll make a new one that uses my real name in some way.
I don't really consider myself a blogger. I don't update often, I don't have a theme or a message. People reading lj would not be caught up on my life. I treat it as sort of an extended IM client. I started it because I was having a fit of writing rants and anecdotes and emailing them to people.

I suppose if I had any published work, I would be promoting it here. :)
At some level, I am still an aspiring writer. At some level, I am a frustrated critic.

I think if I were not these things, I would blog a lot less.
I use my journal to play with my constructed language (usually by reporting on my personal life), and also to promote random free-time projects I do. (I guess if "placing on a web page" = "publishing", I could have clicked "promoting my published work".)
There's my fan writing, there's my comic books, there's my cooking and other hobbies as well as just *stuff* that happens.
I use my blogs as:

Somewhere to talk about gaming.
Somewhere to post quick reviews (of movies, of food, of books)
Somewhere to post thougths I want to discuss/vent
Somewhere to post con reports
Somewhere to brag
Somewhere to post announcements.

I don't consider myself either an aspiring or working writer, despite having been published in one gaming book, despite having submitted two reviews to NYRSF (one paid for/printed, the other awaiting editing), despite having written (and posted, flocked, in my blog) a short story I've been persuaded to submit for publication. I'm a lifestyle writer -- I write as part of my variant on the human condition; if I end up writing something that's worth publishing, that's cool, but I don't have any ambition to do so or make money at doing so.
i use my blog primarily to entertain and network with friends, prospective sig others and the like.

A lot of my content is misc views spanning all categories and a lot of questionnaires and memes.
Blogging for me is to stay in touch with friends and also to have fun. Quizes and surveys are fun.

Funny headlines and happenstance is always good fodder.
I don't really consider my LJ a blog. I have tried "blogging" as in writing daily or weekly posts about a targeted topic, but my motivation for it is poor and I always end up confused about what I am doing. My LJ is purely a social outlet for me, as I spend a lot of time alone and my computer working. I chat with a lot of my RL friends on LJ, and some other friends and family members read it, so they can keep up with the very exciting goings on in my life. It's okay with me if fans read it to follow my illustrious career, but in that case I hope they have other writers that they're following because I don't have a lot going on in that department. :-)
my reasons mirror yours exactly! only, i have no fans. ;)
Like so many others, I signed up for LJ to read other people's blogs: specifically, a friend who was setting off on a round the world trip, but also some blogs that I was already reading.

I knew that I would be tempted to post occasionally, but was surprised at how addictive I found it, and how satisfying I would find writing it. I tell people I'm not a writer, because I have no aspirations to write fiction, or to publish books - but sometimes I think I am a writer, and my LJ is what I write.

The "Other" that I ticked in the list of topics written about: reading, rather than writing, and more generally than SF.
I created my account to have a place to post stories about my kid. It's an online backup copy that my in-laws can read.

I also talk about the books I read there.
I blog for the following reasons: To keep somewhat in touch with people I don't see regularly.
I primarily blog about: Random bits that catch my attention and that I think others should here about.
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