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New Computers

gnomi and I have decided that we need to upgrade into the 21st century.

Right now, I use a graphite iBook running system 9 and Nomi has an old style G3 running system 8.6. At home, we still use dial-up to connect to the Internet.

Next week, that will all change. Since my computer's screen started going south, we decided it was time for me to get a new computer. And then we figured, why not get her one as well.

So we've ordered two Macintosh iBook 14-inch G4 computers with extra RAM, both running the latest version of System 10. But we've decided to go a step further, and get wireless cards for each one, and a router. We're going to get either DSL or a cable modem -- probably DSL -- and use the router to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the apartment.

What this means in the short term is that for most of next week, we'll be without our computers. Our computer guy has to transfer our files and applications, and that'll take a few days. Also, once we get the machines back, we'll still be using dial-up until we can get the new service ordered and the wireless hub put together.

But in the long term, this means more mobility, faster connections...and a credit card balance that'll probably take us a year to pay down.


hey, consumption and debt is the American way.

I was trying to explain the importance of 'I, Robot' to someone earlier. I wished you were still at CSW so I could just tell them to ask you.


Hey, someone from CSW! Who are you?


My profile seems to be working correctly, as far as I can tell.

There's an entire csw community, didn't you know?
I'm curious: why DSL and not a cable modem? (We have DSL, but that's because we don't have cable TV and I wanted a static IP address.)


We've heard better things about DSL than cable modems, including the fact that the cable company might need to come into the apartment and drill.

If you know otherwise, though, please share. We want advice, as we want to do this right. (The computers we're getting were recommended by two different people we trust, so we know we're doing the right thing there.)π


Bear in mind I've worked for both cable companies in your area, so take this with a grain of salt :-)

DSL in your town, it really depends on the provider. Verizon will control the last bit of loop any way you look at it. Regardless of which provider you order you will have at least two if not three different companies to deal with if there is a problem: Verizon, the DSL provider, and if there's a separate email service them too. Some DSL companies will do an installation in your home but many do not, they simply send a kit in the mail. Since the equipment is simply a filter that goes on a current phone jack, that's that.
DSL tends to be a bit shakier in MA, as well as a bit slower.

Cable modem has an option for professional installation - the tech making sure that things are set to one computer (you still have to set up your own network). It lacks the static IP of DSL (RCN allows you to get them but the price is exorbitant) but tends to have faster download speed. I believe it's a wash for uploads. It does tend to be a bit more expensive. It requires its own cable jack, so if there isn't an available one near where you want, that's where the drilling would come in. Neither company will wallfish wires, for that you'd want a licensed electrician.

I don't know who you have for cable TV, but you'll likely want to stick with your current cable TV provider for cable modem - lower price. Comcast currently has 256kb upload, 3Mb download. RCN had 800kb upload, 5Mb download for its fastest service.

Oh, whichever company you go through, *always* ask them what their absolute best deal is. If you ask they should tell you - I know I did when I worked for the cable companies.

(Didja really think I'd be quiet on this topic? :-)


(Didja really think I'd be quiet on this topic? :-)

Not at all! And in fact, we welcome the advice, which is why we posted what we are doing.

Now I've gotta go -- three minutes before candle lighting...

(Thanks for the advice!)

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