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Spider-Man Quick Query

If anyone out there has access today to the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#533), the one which begins with his revealing his identity to the world, and can tell me the title given to the story inside, I'd appreciate it. I need the information for something I'm working on, and my copy's at home.


The title given to the story inside of Amazing Spider-Man #533 is "The Night the War Came Home". I hope that whatever you're working on goes well!
Thank you! You got that from the inside of the comic book, right? Could you tell me what page the title is given on? (This is a big help.)
You're welcome. Yes, I have the comic book right in front of me, and the page the title is given on is... ack, they don't give page numbers! Well, it's on the first page after opening the cover, on the right. I hope that you know what I mean and how to number it - it could either be page 1, if the both sides of the cover page don't count, or page 3 if they do.
That's considered page 1, since its the first page of the story.

Thanks again!
Aha! Thank you for the information.
This is only based on Marvel's info online, fyi, which may be outdated.
True; it looks as if the title inside the comic is a slight variation, "The Night the War Came Home." Thanks for checking for me!
Is this part of the new "Civil Wars" series? (I wasn't sure if that was a crossover or its own special series.)

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