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Barnard Hughes (1915-2006); Mr. Merlin

I just read in the New York Times that character actor Barnard Hughes, who was a Tony and Emmy winner, died yesterday in New York.

He had a long career, but I will mostly remember him as Max Merlin, the title role in the 1981-2 sitcom Mr. Merlin. Sadly, I can't find much about this show on the Internet, although I did find this review of the pilot in the New York Times archive. (ETA: And here's an audio file of the theme song!)

Does anyone else remember this show? The premise was that Max Merlin was the real Merlin from legend, living in the 20th century, forced to take on a new teenage apprentice named Zachary. And then wacky hijinks ensued. Probably was a little dumb, but I remember my eleven-year-old self eagerly watching every episode I could.

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