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Copley Square Swag Report: 7/11/06

So at 7:15 AM, as I emerged from the Copley Square T station, I was offered more swag: an Atkins Advantage High Protein Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, along with a flyer extolling its virtues.

Sad to say, being kosher is not among its virtues, so I can't actually try the bar and share my opnion. But I can share some of the Nutrition Information found on the packaging:

Calories: 220
Fat Cal.: 80
Total Carb.: 18 g

As for the flyer, well, apparently "High Protein, High Fiber, Low Sugar [and] Great Taste" is the Atkins Advantage, and a table comapring the bar to other nutrition bars claims that this is "A Difference You Can Feel!"

Now to find a co-worker who wants it...


Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this series!

You *are* planning on including said co-worker's product assessment as well, yes? :-)
Well, she hasn't written up her assessment yet, although I think I noted that she said that it wasn't bad, but not great either.

Perhaps if she sees this she'll write up that assessment and come get the other bar... :-)

And I'm glad you're enjoying this series. I'm just eager for more swag.
I also thoroughly enjoy your swag reports.

I wonder about these special low-carb snack foods. They all seem to be aimed at people who like their food sweeeeeeet. I am accustomed to having trouble finding soda or fruit-yogurt or granola bars that aren't too sweet. The "diet" versions that claim less sugar always taste MORE sweet, I assume in an effort on the manufacturer's part to satisfy the consumer who really wants lots of sugar but is trying to cut down. What about those of us who want things to taste less sweeeeeeet?

(It's okay, I mostly solve my own problem. We get seltzer delivered, so I add orange juice to it to make soda. I made my own fruit yogurt in the blender. And one of these days I'm gonna develop my own granola-bar recipe, too.)
Thank you.

I happen to have a sweet tooth, and am very fond of sweet foods. But I do see your point. I think adding sweetness to low-carb foods and protein bars is a response to consumer reactions that such foods are bland and unappetizing.
Have you considered what you are going to do when you get some swag that has meat and milk in it? Do you hold that the meat has to be kosher to be assur b'hana (*)?

(*)Just to unpack this for others, a Jew is forbidden to derive benefit (assur b'hana) from a mixture of meat and milk. This means it has to be discarded - you can't even give it away according to most authorities. Some halachic authorities think this applies to any milk and meat combination, others say it applies to any mix of (potentially kosher meat) and milk.
I really doubt that anyone plans to hand out free meat in Copley Square, whether or not it is combined with milk. But if I happen to receive such an item as you describe, I will of course dispose of it.
And to make a further point, I would probably do my best not to take such an item in the first place.

(I'm now envisioning the hawkers trying to hand out meat-and-cheese swag -- "Would you like to try a free cheeseburger? -- at seven in the morning...)
Pet food comes to mind as the most obvious candidate.
Otherwise I agree it seems unlikely.
I can't recall anyone handing out pet food; usually it's either a flyer for something (which is how I got started with these reports) or some sort of food or drink for humans. But as I noted at the start, at seven in the morning I really don't want to be offered a Diet Coke, even if I can save it for later in the day.

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