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Quick Update

We're in NYC, but can't get good access to a wireless connection. So if you need to reach me, please keep in mind that my Internet connection will most likely be sporadic, at best.
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If you're downtown, try the parks: Bryant Park behind the NY Public Library, Battery Park, the Winter Garden, City Hall Park, Wall Street Park, 60 Wall Street/the Atrium, Bowling Green Park, Stone Street, and South Street Seaport all have free wireless. I think Prospect Park does, too, but I've never taken my iBook 'cross the river before.

Wow! Thanks for the pointers; as it is, what we're really looking for is a wireless connection in the vicinity of Forest Hills, Queens...but if we have a chance, we'll try the parks.
Forest Hills is lovely! I think the public library there in town has free WiFi -- hope you have some fun. Check out Eddie's Sweet Shop on Metropolitan Avenue if you get a shot and if you haven't already.
I grew up in Forest Hills, so I'm very familiar with Eddie's Sweet Shop! This is like old home week.

I didn't know that the library might have free WiFi; I mostly lived in Forest Hills before such things. I'll check it out; thanks so much!

(Out of curiosity, how did you end up reading this post? I don't think we know each other...)
Belated comment here--I apologize for it.

I actually found you through the Robert's Rules of Writing posts - I was Googling for some boosts on my manuscript and viola! There you were.

Might I add I'm jealous of your history with Forest Hills. Such a lovely area. Glad your trip went well!

I've actually posted some pictures of Rego Park and Forest Hills in a trip report at http://mabfan.livejournal.com/250062.html. It includes two shots of Eddie's.
From queenslibrary.org:
If you are bringing in your own laptop and wish to use our Internet connection you will need:
A Queens Library Card and a PIN number (which may be established at the Central Library or any branch in Queens);

It sounds like this might require some finagling for out-of-town visitors to use.
As it is, we're leaving today anyhow...but I can always figure something out later if needed.

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