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Brief Personal Update: 6/29/06

So let's see...what have I been up to that's even remotely interesting?

Tonight gnomi and I are heading down to NYC to spend a few days visiting my Mom. I last saw her around Thanksgiving, and then only briefly. We'll be spending shabbat with batyatoon and sdelmonte, something I've done by myself twice before. It'll be nice finally to have Nomi share the experience.

In preparation for the trip, since we'll be having an open house on Sunday, gnomi finally bought a digital camera. It's a combination two past birthdays/intervening Chanukah present from her parents. Because Nomi is something of an actual photographer -- up until now, she's used a Minolta Z-370 SLR with a 50-mm fixed-focal lens -- she got a Canon PowerShot A530 5MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom. Whatever that means. What I like is that in Auto mode, I can point and click.

As I did last night, when we had dinner with farwing and suzvoy. This was our first time meeting suzvoy, and she was delightful. We discussed many things, including television and history. Since we were in Brookline, we showed her the JFK birthplace historic site on Beals Street, and the plaque commemorating the Counter Intelligence Center that was on Harvard Street during WW II. And we used the camera to get a few pictures. (We also went to NEC just as they closed, to get a photo of bukket1138 and his wife.)

In other socializing news, we spent a nice few hours with my older brother and his family last Sunday. And I had a nice phone conversation with scarlettina on Monday night. Lots of talk about Doctor Who.

In the writing world, I have a novelette announcement that I'm still waiting to make, because I haven't yet confirmed that I can say anything. I've also submitted an essay to the BenBella Smart Pop book on Spider-Man that they will be publishing next year. I've seen a lot of people refer to this as an untitled anthology, but on Amazon they're already calling it WEBSLINGER. And I'm working on a proposal I can't talk about, plus two stories, and an essay. Gackers!

Finally, I have a letter in today's Brookline TAB. When they post it on-line, I'll link to it and discuss it here.

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