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Copley Square Swag Report: 6/27/06

Can it be? Yes it is!

It's the return of The Copley Square Swag Report!

Today, on my way back from lunch, I spotted a few people at a table on the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth Sts., giving out products from Zoe Foods. The products they provided to me included a Zoe's Chocolate Delight Bar and a packet of Zoe's Flax and Soy Honey Almond Granola Cereal.

I had already walked past the table, but then I remembered you, my readers, and how much you depend upon The Swag Report. So I did a one-eighty and went back to the table for the products. Because I keep kosher, I examined the two packages but found no certification symbol on either one. So I asked the young woman who had provided me the food the following:

"What's in it?"

"Soy, protein, fiber..."

"Is it kosher?"

That stumped her. However, one of the other folks behind the table assured me that the cereal was kosher, but the bar wasn't.

"I don't see a certification on the cereal," I said.

"You'll find it on the website," he replied.

And he was right. If you click the link above for the cereal, you'll find an OU-D next to the Nutrition Facts and under the Ingredients list. Major kudos to the company for making sure one of their people had a ready answer to my question about kashrut. (I should also note that he reminded me a second time that the bar wasn't kosher; he didn't want me to eat it accidentally. I assured him that if it wasn't, I would give it to a friend.)

As for the quality of the food...well, I can't eat the bar, so I have to find someone who wants to try it on my behalf and supply a report. As for the granola cereal, since I just ate lunch I'm not hungry for it yet. If I do choose to eat it, I'll let you know what I think.

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