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Boston CowParade 2006 Google Map

In my post Cows! Cows! Cows! I noted that at the time there was no good map of the where the cow statues could be found for Boston CowParade 2006. Since then, an official map has been published, but now a man named Harry Wolfson has created a Google Map for Boston CowParade 2006.

There do seem to be a lot of them mooing about in Copley Square, right near where I work. I wonder if they've come for the swag?

Copyright © Michael Burstein


I think the google map link is broken...
Man, it would have been awesome if a little image of the cow in question popped up instead of the google teardrop thing...
cshiley, what do you mean by wanting the image to "pop up" instead appearing in a "teardrop" (aka google marker info window). Do you mean you would rather the image apepar as your coursor hovers over a marker? I know that the google map api allows for tooltips (which appear from a hover) but I've never tried tham and don't know if they support images. I don't think it's what you want, but the images in the "teardrop" window can be clicked for a larger image.

I think csbermack meant that it would be cool if each teardrop was a tiny graphic of a cow instead. Then again, csbermack may want actual pictures of each cow to appear as one scrolls over the locations.
I think popup is the wrong word, actually. The map indicates a location with a teardrop with a little dot in it, and you click on that for more information. I think it would be cool if those teardrops were images of cows. Perhaps... a cow on a stick, or in a ballon, or something. It would be awesomest if the cow were the cow in question, but even a generic cow would be entertaining.

mabfan's suggestion of the right cow appearing when you roll over the location is also good. :) Mostly I think I'm looking for both "Hah, cow theme. Cute." and also a way to see images tied to location without having to click through anything.

Regardless, it's a pretty cool toy. Thanks!
Yea. Maybe this time I can get one!

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