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Good Luck, Bob Greenberger!

Back in January, I noted that my friend Bob Greenberger (whose blog is syndicated on LJ at bob_greenberger) had been let go from his job and was looking for new employment. In the months since then, Bob's been working on a variety of freelance assignments, but keeping his eyes open for any full-time opportunities.

So as not to leave any of my other friends and readers hanging, I am delighted to announce that starting tomorrow, Bob will once again be among the ranks of the employed. I would like to wish him a very public "Good luck!" as he starts his first day of work as Production Manager for the Weekly World News.


I know people who do all kinds of cool and exciting things, but this is the closest I've come to fainting at someone's job announcement. Weird.

After passing the news on to friends, they ask:
1) Can we slip Bob story tips?
2) Do they take freelance work?
Fainting? Really?

I'd have to say that the answers to the questions are 1) No, and 2) I don't know. Even if they do take freelance work, Bob isn't the one in the position to look at such work. Tell your friends to pick up a copy and see what they say about outside submissions. Or maybe they have information on their webpage. (I do know that their main editiorial offices are in Florida, so I'm guessing that any such queries would be directed there.)
Well, further reflection chalked it up to a lack of breakfast and forgetting to eat dinner yesterday. But it's still cool after lunch.

Going through normal channels is always the right idea. yay.

December 2016

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