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Brief Personal Update

Just checking in with everyone...

There's been a lot I wanted to blog about this week, including some fascinating articles in the New York Times (Perfect Vision Is Helping and Hurting Navy and In Wal-Mart's Home, Synagogue Signals Growth). However, it's been a busy week for me. I've had two writing projects I had to complete, plus two spingboards/outlines to work on...and that's on top of my regular job, of course. Adding in the usual things that keep one busy in life means I've barely had time to come up for air.

However, I'm hoping that next week, before we go off for the long weekend, will be a little more relaxed. And I should have news soon of another sale, this one a collaboration, to one of my usual markets... (How's that for being cagey?)

On another note, thanks to a very, very good friend, gnomi and I now have passes to an early screening of Superman Returns, the only movie I have been figuratively dying to see this year. If I have time, I'll post a non-spoiler review next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on when the blackout is lifted.

And, oh yeah, I ran into former governor Michael Dukakis on the T yesterday.

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Fascinated by the Navy article. My cousin did Naval ROTC to pay for college and couldn't get into his first-choice field -- flying -- because of his poor vision. He ended up doing something classified so that we never knew exactly what it was, and retired from the military by his mid-forties, but I remember not being able to do flight training was a big disappointment.
This is exactly why I find the article fascinating. Unintended and unforeseen consequences.

As I think Asimov once said, predicting the automobile was easy. Predicting the traffic jam was hard.
I used to see Kitty Dukakis when I worked at Bloomingdale's in Chestnut Hill. She bought perfume from me a couple of times. Nice lady. Mike came in once, and I was surprised at how short he is! He's funny, too. :)
I'm in a mob to see it at the jordan's imax in reading tuesday. It's got 3D parts. If you want to join us. :)
We were actually offered the Reading preview, but declined it. Still, thanks for the offer!
Aw, there goes catching up with you two in person, then. :)
We'll have to find some time to get together! It's been quite a while.
I once *literally* ran into Michael Dukakis when I was at Northeastern (he teaches there, or at least he used to).

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