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Games Nostalgia

Today, for no reason I can fathom, I find myself wanting to play three Tom Wham games: Snit's Revenge, Search for the Emperor's Treasure, and The Awful Green Things From Outer Space.


Didn't he do a sequel (or prequel) to Snit's Revenge?

Somewhere I have them in their original The Dragon incarnations.

And if you haven't, check out my most recent entry.
Yes, Snit Smashing. Prequel.
And I gather they are still available from Steve Jackson Games and Mayfair Games.
Not Mayfair. They were re-released together as one game called Snits! by Steve Jackson Games. Still available.
I saw. Pluto's moons. Cool.

I do own http://www.plutoisaplanet.org. I now need to find someone who can cheaply design the webpage for me and help me find a place to host it.
Heh, I have fond memories of playing all of them with Jonathan in high school; I don't remember if you played with us or not. I sold my copy of Snit's Revenge a few years ago. Still have the others.
This made me do a quick (and fruitless) search for a game I used to play called "Escape from Westerville State Mental Hosptial" (or something similar).
Got time this evening? We could meet at Pandemonium, and I could bring AGTFOS.
Hmmm...no time tonight. But we ought to schedule something...

And it appears as if I may be able to buy Snits! (If Steve Jackson Games is really still selling it.)
I've seen copies of Snits! at Games People Play and/or Compleat Strategist before, and the SJG web site lists it as "available now" (meaning that Pandemonium should be able to get it, also).

AGTFOS is listed as "out of print", alas....
I believe I have a copy buried somewhere.
I can appreciate this, considering that two of the three games I wanted an XBox for I plan to get because they were my favorite Commodore 64 games: "Defender of the Crown" and "Pirates!"

Now if they'll just make XBox versions of "Silent Service" and "Law of the West"...

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