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Anthology Invites

Writer and editor Jim C. Hines has posted an excellent little essay on how to get invited to submit stories to anthologies. In the essay, Anthology Invites, he tells his own story of trying to get into invitation-only anthologies, and then gives a few bullet points based on what he learned, such as the following:

  • "When you get the opportunity to do this, be a pro. Don't blow the deadline. Don't turn in a dusty old trunk story (unless you revise the heck out of it to make it shiny and brilliant and new). Be polite, and show the editor that you're someone they'll want to work with again."
  • "Make your story stand out. If three people write a story based on the same idea, there's a chance the editor will buy all three. There's also a chance they'll pick one and bounce the other two."

I recommend this essay highly to any writer who wants to learn how to get invited into anthologies. Go read.
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