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Harvard Crimson - Class of 1981 Feature

This weekend, I'll be attending my 15th anniversary college reunion, so my mind is on reunions and history. I plan to write a few posts about the reunion, and what people are up to.

But for the moment, I'm looking not at my class, but an earlier one. Today is Harvard's Commencement, and as usual, the Harvard Crimson has put together an issue that looks at the current group of graduates and the milestone reunion classes. The Class of 1981 is celebrating their 25th reunion this weekend, and at The Harvard Crimson :: Special Packages :: Class of 1981 you can find the whole section devoted to the class.

The section is divided into two general sections. The first section is devoted to news stories that were taking place at Harvard 25 years ago. In some ways, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The second section is devoted to a few members of the Class of 1981 that they chose to feature. The members of the class they profile include journalist Susan Faludi, Lost co-executive producer (and creator of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. ) A. Carlton Cuse...and science-fiction writer Melissa Scott, which I suspect might be of more than passing interest to some of you.
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