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Cows! Cows! Cows!

This morning, magid informed me that the cows have come to Boston! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Boston Cow Parade 2006 has arrived, and will be here throughout the summer. During lunch I went out to Copley Square to see the cows, and I was delighted by the artistry rendered on the statuesque bovines. I think I saw almost ten cow statues today.

Sad to say, I don't have a digital camera, because I would love to treat all of you to pictures of the cows. But then I had a great thought. As I did once before, I would link to CowParade Boston - The Official Site, as surely they would have pictures. Well, would you believe that they have yet to post a single picture, even though the cows came out today? The cow finder isn't even working yet, which would allow you to locate your favorite cow. How disappointing.

I think gnomi and I are going to have to get a camera and, in the words of Winnie-the-Pooh, go on an expotition this summer to get pictures of all the cows.

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I love the cows, but speaking as an adopted Chicagoan I still wonder what the heck they're doing in Boston. Boston doesn't have a cattleyard tradition! (Yes, I know, they've migrated around the world by now, but I still think of them as a Chicago thing. When I was in Louisville, they had Thoroughbred horses, which were beautiful.)
Ducks. Boston should've had ducks. Or horses. (And, IIRC, NYC had German Shepherd Dogs.)

Depending on when you schedule your expotition, I'd be happy to join you, if you don't mind some extra company.
Boston tried this before with cod. Not a huge success.
Our plan would be to announce our expotition on LJ and invite people to join us. Ideally, with lots of digital cameras.
Do let me know. My boy and I love cows.
Like I said, we'll announce it here and on gnomi's journal.
Actually, Boston did once have a cattleyard tradition. The whole strip from "The Stockyard" restaurant down past the original Staples to IHOP was one abbatoir after another. But when the trains came it all moved to Chicago.
*quick check at profile* Hey, you *are* that Andrew Greene. Cool. I go by my Hebrew name now out of preference, which makes me harder to identify for people who haven't heard from me since high school, but it was Nora when I was in your and mabfan's class.
I figured as much. There probably aren't too many people with your last name and first initial who know Michael and (going by your userpic -- cute kids, by the way :-)
Didn't know you'd remember my last name in the first place. Most people I knew in high school never used their last names; we were kids. :)

If you want to see what the kids actually look like, btw, try http://www.autographedcat.com/gallery/naomi/100_0338
Nahh, those slaughterhouses were in Brighton, which didn't become part of Boston until the 1870's. But I'm surprised no one has mentioned the oft-told urban legend about how Boston's streets were laid out by cows.
Cows!Cows!Cows! :) I saw one this morning, at the Marriot in Kendall Square :)
There were a couple forerunners in the Pru during Boskone. I should have a picture or two at home.
Are they evil cows?
The ones I saw seemed perfectly content just to stand there. Of course, they could be plotting and we wouldn't know it...
I saw one that was sitting down.
Oh cool! I have to make it into Boston sometime soon to see them. My sister did a story for her paper on a woman from her town (Canton) that painted one of them.

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