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Copyright Notice Explanation

Since no one has asked me about the tiny, hopefully unobtrusive copyright notice I've started placing at the bottom of each entry, I figured I'd post a quick explanation.

Very simply, I've discovered that there's been some blogs out there that are automatically copying posts from other people's blogs verbatim, without attribution. This is mostly happening in cases where the blogs are "quoting" fiction posted on the web, but it's also happening with regular posts.

Since LJ has RSS syndication of whole posts without the option to syndicate only a teaser, I've decided that I need to add that little bit of protection to each post of mine. Although I do lay out a whole copyright notice on my actual journal page, given RSS and F-lists people rarely bother to visit it. Hence the tiny notice I'm now placing at the bottom of each entry.

As for the notice on my front page, it currently reads, "Note that all content is copyright Michael A. Burstein. You may syndicate or quote entries on the web as long as you include attribution, but all hard copy rights are reserved. "

Copyright © Michael Burstein
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