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The Today Show

Because I'd like to catch parts of Katie Couric's final episode of the Today Show, I just found myself typing the following sentence to Nomi via IM:

"Can you set the TiVo tonight to record Today tomorrow?"

She says that the capitalization helped. :-)


Batman Beyond, the Batman animation set in the future with an old Bruce Wayne and a new Batman, was originally titled Batman Tomorrow...

...until they realized that promos would go "Today, on Batman Tomorrow...."

And just because someone has to say it...

Third base!
You could record the reflections of today tomorrow.
And on Friday is the Feast of Weeks.

Sol Weeks.

He's the comptroller.
What a delighfully obscure reference! But I believe the lead-in is, "He hasn't been in for Weeks."
"I started on a journey about a year ago
To a little town called Morrow in the state of Ohio
I've never been much of a traveller, and I really didn't know
That Morrow was the hardest place I'd ever tried to go."

Whoa! I remember that one from the Muppets!
I didn't know it had been done on the Muppets. I had it on an old Kingston Trio album.
it was one of the few times we got to see jim henson's "self-portrait" muppet. it was him/it singing, while playing banjo.

i'd say the kingston trio "version" (the original? or was it even older than that?) predates the muppets by a fair margin. ;)
Just for the record, I didn't think that the Muppets had created that song. That's just where I encountered it for the first, and only, time.
oh, i doubt any of us thought that...the muppets used very little original music. :) i was mostly commenting on how far "back" the song went.

but then, i'm the one with the cousins asking "who are these long haired wierdos, and what are they doing in my wayne's word video?!" (the MTV-cobbled version of Bohemian Rhapsody with footage from the movie) ::sigh::

I was going to bring that song up, too!

December 2016

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