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For those of you who are looking to buy a stylus to use for a PDA or tablet computer, I highly recommend, a division of Genesis Strategies, Inc., based in Westborough, Massachusetts.

If you'd like to know more, here's a description of my great experience with them.

A few years ago, when I first got a Personal Digital Assistant, I found that I didn't like the stylus very much. The stylus that comes with a PDA is usually small, and I far prefer something that feels like a pen. At the time, a few companies did make pen-like styli, but I couldn't find one I liked, until Nomi came across the Pilot Pentopia. It's basically a Dr. Grip pen, but instead of having an ink refill inside, it has a stylus.

It became my primary stylus and I used it for about five years, but even a stylus will start to wear down. So I went looking for a "refill" for the Pentopia stylus, and I couldn't find anyone who sold one.

I did, however, find Their webpage offered a whole variety of styli, including a version of the Pentopia that includes both an ink refill and a stylus, called a Dr. Grip 1+1. Still, I would have preferred to replace my old stylus, so I sent an email to the company to ask if they sold such a thing.

I heard back from a man named Jim Boudreau, whom I assumed was a Customer Service Representative. He told me that Pilot no longer made my kind of Pentopia, and that a standard refill wasn't available for it. But, if I were to send it to him, he'd be happy to see if he could take apart a different stylus and create a refill for mine. He said it would probably cost around $3.

I didn't want to be without a Pentopia stylus even for a few days, so first I ordered the Dr. Grip 1+1, and then I mailed Mr. Boudreau my old Pentopia. Within days he sent it back with a replacement stylus, and it's as good as new. Furthermore, he declined to charge me even the $3 he had said it might cost me, even though I gladly would have paid it.

And the kicker to this story is that Mr. Boudreau included a copy of his business card along with my repaired Pentopia. It turns out that he's not a Customer Service Representative, per se. He's President and CEO of the company.

Given the incredible personal attention I received for what was essentially a few dollars worth of business, I recommend them highly to anyone needing to buy a stylus.
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