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Memorial Day

Yesterday, Nomi and I attended the Memorial Day observance at the World War memorial near Town Hall. We try to attend every year, to make Memorial Day more than just a day off. The observance is mostly attended by older veterans, along with a scattering of other folks. It's a nice way to honor and remember those who fought and died for our freedoms.

But it always makes me sad to see how few people are there. This year, according to a reporter from the Brookline TAB who was reporting on the event, there were only about 75 people in attendance. I wish more Brookline residents would consider turning out for the event. Nomi and I both gave interviews to the reporter, explaining various reasons why we think people might not think about attending, so we may end up in the paper on Thursday.

On other local news...I'll try to have a report on last Thursday's Town Meeting session as soon as I can, but it might take until next week. And tonight, we'll most likely be voting on the impeachment of George W. Bush; I may report on that in more detail before posting about the Thursday session, since it seems people are interested in it.
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