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Request for Information: Little Nemo's of Forest Hills (Comic Book Store)

For an article I'm writing, I'm looking for information about the now defunct comic book store Little Nemo's.

Little Nemo's was based in Forest Hills, Queens, and it was my first comic book store. It was always near the corner of Ascan Avenue and Austin Street. In its later years, before it closed in the mid-1990s, it was located at 73-05 Austin St., but before then, it was in a storefront on Ascan Ave.

The information I need to know is when the store opened, who owned it and ran it, and what its first address was.

Any help would be appreciated.


If they inc'd or ltd'd a lot of the info you want should be available as a matter of public record from the State of NY --- ?
Possibly, but I wouldn't know how to go about getting that information from here.
I'm pretty sure it was where Nick's Pizza is now: 108-26 Ascan Ave. The store in Forest Hills that I used to go to the most (it opened before Nemo's) was Mike's Comics, on Austin, just off the corner of Continental, on the north side of the street. It was tiny. The owner was a flake, but basically a nice guy. Roger and I spent many an hour in there.

I remember not liking Nemo's at first when they opened because they seemed over-worried about shop-lifting, but liked them more later, I think when a father and son took over (or maybe it was the son of the original owner). I distininctly remember buying Camelot 3000 and Arion Lord of Atlantis from them.
Can you give me any information on Mike's Comics? I never heard of it.
I basically gave you everything I remember. :-) I think there's a pocketbook or vitmain store there now; I forget. I'll try to remmeber to look at the address next time I'm in Forest Hills. I think it opened around 1979 or so and closed around 1985. I'm pretty sure it was around before Nemo's, but now I'm starting to think I was mistaken. Try asking your brother, though I don't rember him being into comics much. I'll email Roger and see if he remembers anything more. My big memory was Mike encouraging us to buy the Omega Men because it was going to be "red hot!".
Nope. Roger didn't have anything to add, though concurred with me on feeling uneasy at Nemo's.

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