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Podcast: "Seventy-Five Years" by Michael A. Burstein

I am pleased to announce that my recent Hugo-nominated short story "Seventy-Five Years" is now available as an audio podcast from Escape Pod. It's the first of the five Hugo Short Story nominees that they are offering in this format...for free.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Escape Pod is a science fiction-themed podcast that licenses audio rights for short stories and publishes the stories as audio files. "Seventy-Five Years" is narrated by Deborah Green, and I love her narration. I think the story works a lot better as an audio file than it does in print.

The Escape Pod RSS feed is syndicated on LiveJournal at escape_pod_cast for those of you who might want to add it to your aggregator (commonly known as a Friends list).

If you wish to go directly to the post with the audio file of the story, you can find it at EP053: Seventy-Five Years.

Tags: science-fiction, writing

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