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Infinite Crisis Predictions: Final Round-Up

And speaking of Infinite Crisis...it's time to own up to my six predictions. Read on to be reminded of what I said we would discover in the miniseries...and where I was right.


Prediction #1 (made September 2, 2005): Power Girl is the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, who managed to stick around even after the Crisis. The Psycho-Pirate kept her around deliberately, and is using her to restore the Multiverse.

Resolution: The first sentence is inarguably correct. As for the second, well, we still don't know why or how she managed to stick around, but it's clear that the Psycho-Pirate knew what was going on from the start. I'm giving myself full credit for this one.

Score: 1-0


Prediction #2 (made September 9, 2005): Someone, possibly the Anti-Monitor, is returning to finish off what he started and failed to do twenty years ago.

Resolution: I was partly wrong on this one. It wasn't the Anti-Monitor who came back, it was Alexander Luthor-3. However, if one argues that twenty years ago Luthor meant to save the universe, and he feels that he had failed...ah, I'm giving myself full credit for this one as well.

Score: 2-0


Prediction #3 (made September 16, 2005): The mysterious Mockingbird is actually Lena Luthor, merged with Brainiac 2.5.

How it stands: Well, I was apparently wrong on this one. Lena is nowhere to be found.

Resolution: Well, I was wrong, but as I did before, I give myself half-credit for predicting that it was a Luthor.

Score: 2.5-0.5


Prediction #4 (made September 23, 2005): Lex Luthor is behind everything, planning to restore the Multiverse.

Resolution: Aha! I never said which Lex Luthor, did I? Bwa-ha-ha! And during the course of the miniseries, he did have to restore the Multiverse...even if it was only an intervening step I give myself full marks on this one.

Score: 3.5-0.5


Prediction #5 (made September 30, 2005): The villain behind the new Crisis will turn out to be the original, Golden Age Superman, of Earth-2. (Clue: the JLA transporter incident in JLA #119.)

Resolution: Well, he wasn't a villain, and he wasn't the guy in JLA #119, but still...half credit, okay?

Score: 4-1


Prediction #6 (made October 10, 2005): Heroes will find themselves on opposite sides during the Crisis, because some will want to restore the Multiverse and others will not, as it will mean the destruction of the current universe.

Resolution: I suppose it might hinge on the definition of hero. Still, since Kal-L did want Earth-2 back, and he knew it would lead to the destruction of the current universe...full credit.

Score: 5-1


So in the end, I give myself a score of 83%.


You're being awfully generous with the self-grading. :-)
You noticed? :-)

Hey, if someone else wants to rescore my exam, I'm willing.
i don't agree with your first point at all... there's nothing to indicate that power girl is the same as the supergirl that died during the original COIE.
I didn't say that Power Girl was the Supergirl who died. Power Girl was the Earth-2 equivalent of Supergirl. She was Kara Zor-L, and she didn't show up until the 1970s.

For some reason, Power Girl was kept around after the Crisis, and they spent twenty years trying to create a new origin for her. First they said she was from the past, the granddaughter of Arion. Then they came up with another origin. Finally they said her origin was unknown, and she had no idea where she came from. But with the advent of Infinite Crisis, they revealed that the new universe kept trying to fit her into continuity but always failed. The truth was that like Pariah and Lady Quark, she was the sole survivor of her universe. But unlike them, she forgot her origins.
but the Supergirl that died during COIE WAS Earth-2's Supergirl!! why would Earth-2 need an "equivalent" if they already had a Supergirl?

and you don't need to cite me power girl's confused origins... i read jsa classified $1-4 too.
I'm pretty sure that the Supergirl who died during COIE was the Earth-1 Supergirl. There was no Supergirl on Earth-2 as far as I can remember.
According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crisis_on_infinite_earths#Deaths_during_Crisis the Supergirl who died was the Supergirl of Earth-1.
fair enough. i was mistaken. what can i say, i'm a post-COIE reader, so i haven't bothered much to distinguish between all the worlds of the multiverse.

however, you still admit that power girl DOES NOT remember her origin, and therefore you cannot say with any certainty that she is earth-2's version of supergirl, kara zor-el, etc.
She didn't remember her origin for the past twenty years, but with Infinite Crisis she remembered it again. The question now is, will she continue to remember it...or will this New Earth have a new origin for her? Only time can tell.

But I can say with certainty that she is the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, because when they introduced her in the 1970s, they said she was. She's Superman-2's cousin, Kara Zor-L, which makes her the Earth-2 equivalent. And they played that up in the new Supergirl series, when Power Girl's powers went wonky as she got too close to the current version of Supergirl.
I'd rescore as follows:

#1: .9. Psycho-Pirate had nothing to do with her remaining around, and the only reason he showed up in the mini-series was due to recruitment by Alex Luthor. Mostly correct, but cause was off for the -.1.

#2: 'Fraid I have to make this a 0. Alex, as befitted someone with the chronological age of about a week max, was pretty much a tool of the Monitor in the first Crisis and didn't really have any goals of his own. Not to mention that Alex' motivation is a significant weak point of IC; it's not to escape "heaven"; Superboy-Prime accomplishes that and it doesn't satisfy Alex. For some reason, he goes on a kick for a "perfect" Earth, but given his lack of experience with life outside of "heaven", you'd think he'd at least be willing to hang out a bit before deciding it's abysmal.

#3: .2 for guessing it's "a" Luthor. I'm harsher than you on this because a key element of the surprise of Lex being Mockingbird was the bit of there being two *Lex* Luthors; a Lena Luthor wouldn't have had near that impact.

#4: Yeah, I do have to give a full point on this one as you didn't say which Lex...

#5: 0. Kal-L was a dupe, who never acted in a villainous manner.

#6: I'll give the point here, particularly since Kara Zor-L seemed interested in that as well.

So, 3.1 total.

Still greater than 50%...

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