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Thoughts on "Lost"

[Major spoilers for last night's episode, "Two for the Road"]

gnomi and I tend to watch "Lost" when it's broadcast on Wednesday nights, one of the few shows we don't time-shift. The main reason for this is that "Lost" tends to be a show where they actually manage to surprise us with their plot developments, and we'd rather not run the risk of reading spoilers the next day. (Well, that's my reason. Not sure if Nomi feels the same.)

Anyway, over the past season they've been developing two new characters rather extensively, with significant flashbacks and interactions with the season one characters. The two characters are Ana Lucia, played by Michelle Rodriguez, and Libby, played by Cynthia Watros.

Well, last night we saw a significant flashback in the life of Ana Lucia; we saw the beginnings of a relationship being developed between Libby and Hurley; and then we saw the two of them, Ana and Libby, get shot to death in the space of the last minute of the show. No warning, just bang bang, and they're dead.

After I recovered, it immediately occurred to me that Rodriguez and Watros are the two actresses who were arrested for drunk driving a few months back, on the same night. Suddenly the title of the episode, "Two for the Road," takes on much more significance. Given the chance that Rodriguez may be unavailable for the next 18 months or so if she gets sent back to jail, it makes sense to ensure that the producers don't have to worry about her anymore. It's certainly one way to deal with misbehaving actresses. Or, as Nomi said, "Moral of the story? Don't mess with JJ Abrams."


It's a real shame about Ana Lucia, especially given the revelations in her flashback. I thought there was a lot they could have done with her character, but I guess we'll never know for sure if this was pre-planned or not.

Let's also not forget that Watros has been tabbed to co-star in a new series on another network. It's interesting that she died pretty much the same way Shannon died in the same episode where Hurley sought Sayid's assistance in romancing Libby.

However, the surprise for me wasn't *that* they died, but how (or rather, by whose hand). Do you think The Others made him an offer he couldn't refuse?
I'm honestly not sure what's going on. Maybe the Others made him a deal, or maybe he's become one of the Others. Or maybe he's been brainwashed. But the way he set up Henry Gale to take the blame for the killings by shooting himself in the shoulder...whoa.
I know Ana Lucia's dead, but are you sure about Libby? She may only have been wounded, because of those folded blankets she was carrying.

Good point. I thought that myself, though I seem to recall hearing someone in the coming attractions saying "They're dead." (Could be they meant Ana and Henry, I suppose.)
I thought they said "she's dead." I think. I was still in shock. ;)
You may be right. A co-worker says the same thing. The only thing that bothers me is that IIRC Mike shot Ana once, and Libby three times. Blankets or not, I would think that Libby's a goner, except that I can't see them letting Ana live to tell who shot her.

A further thought: Up until last night, I've been thinking that Jack didn't know why his father had gone to Australia. Now that I've rewatched his "let me get this over with" moment at the airline counter, I expect we'll get another Jack flashback in which he learns about the reason for his father's trip.
I was a bit disappointed that this is the second person killed that had crossed paths with Jack or his dad in a flashback (the first was Shannon; Jack's ex had been the one who killed her father in the car accident), so Jack will likely never know. They do torture us so!
In the scenes from next week we see Ana Lucia's body and Michael shot in the shoulder, but we don't see Libby's body. Michael is locked in the safe, so Libby alive is an option.
Who killed them?

I didn't see it, but I don't mind a spoiler.
Michael came back and told Jack, Kate and Locke that the Others are easily defeated. Then, near the end, after Ana couldn't bring herself to shoot Henry, Michael just calmly shoots her and then shoots Libby when she comes to find blankets.
I think Michael was brainwashed.

In terms of the actress who plays Ana-Lucia, she's had something of a film career and is making another movie. In the case of Cynthia Watros, I'd forgotten that she's already been cast on another show, so maybe she's really dead.
I don't know if he was brainwashed -- to me it seemed more likely that the Others had offered him Walt in exchange for spreading misinformation about the Others' whereabouts, living situation, and firepower, as well as other tasks (killing Ana-Lucia? spreading chaos? retrieving Gale? getting them a way into the Swan?).

Then again, the way his teeth were chattering before he shot himself was pretty disturbing.
One thing that didn't seem right was that Michael's statement was an obvious lie since Kate et al knew that they were using makeup to seem grungy. Wasn't there an episode where Kate told this to Jack?
Thanks for saying there were spoilers and putting it in a cut text.
You're welcome. I figured for an episode that aired just the previous night, major spoilers such as these needed to be hidden.

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