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For the "Star Wars" Purists

Radio Free Dianora reports that the original Star Wars Trilogy is coming out on DVD in September. The article says it's a limited-time thing, ending, I note, right after the Christmas-related buying rush.

The article does not say whether the first one is called "A New Hope" or "Episode Four: A New Hope," however.


Wasn't it always called "Episode IV: A New Hope?" Why would they change it to "A New Hope" at this point?

And, yeah, Han shot first! So there!
In the original 1977 release, the words "Episode IV" did not precede "A New Hope."
Damned right he did!
And, yeah, Han shot first!

Actually, I don't think Greedo even got off a shot -- so Han didn't so much get the first shot as the only shot. Which is as it should be.
A successful first shot generally precludes them shooting back.
I enjoy the Special Editions, but I prefer the original release versions. I wonder, now that he's seen the error of his ways, if we'll ever get a DVD Special Edition of the SW Holiday Special?
Not if he's busy seeing the error of his ways, we won't. ;-)
it is important to notice that you'll be actually buying the "digitally remastered" versions from 2004-or-so, and getting the original theatrical versions as one of the "bonus features" on each.
...and getting the original theatrical versions as one of the "bonus features" on each.

Really? Um, wow. That might actually be enough to motivate me to pony up the cash for this set. I haven't spent money on Star Wars videos/DVDs since I bought the original "The Empire Strikes Back" years and years ago because Lucas irritated me so much with the ewoks. But this . . . this might make me do it.
Personally, I'm psyched. As someone who owns bootleg DVDs made from the '95 laserdiscs, I'll take "bonus theatrical edition" happily.

You know why Lucas caved, though--because he realized he could make even more money.

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