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Of Trains and Tie Fires

I wasn't able to post this from the overnight train as Nomi and I wended our way towards Richmond, Virginia, for Ravencon, but the hotel does have free wireless. Yay! So here's a quick update.

As soon as Passover ended on Thursday night, we tossed the last remaining items into our luggage and called for a taxi to South Station. We had chosen to travel business class because we figured it would be easier to get some sleep during the trip, but neither of us is sleeping very well. (I got some sleep; Nomi hasn't gotten any at all.)

We were supposed to get into Penn Station around 2 AM, but we were stuck on the railroad bridge in Queens for about twenty minutes. I managed to find a few Wi-Fi hot spots that allowed me to check email and LJ, but only sporadically.

Anyway, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until 2:15 AM, when a group of firefighters in full gear walked through the business class car. It turns out that there had been a tie fire on the bridge. The FDNY had gotten their truck to the bridge and then been given a lift to the fire on a freight train; we gave them a lift back.

Just another typical New York City story.

We didn't get much sleep on the train, but we did watch a lot of Stargate SG-1. And when we finally arrived at Richmond's Main Street Station, a gentleman named Brandon picked us up and took us to the hotel. We were able to check in early, and folks, this room is a veritable palace for $89 a night. It's a suite with two rooms, two television sets, and sofas and easy chairs galore. We're definitely not in Massachusetts anymore.
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