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Puzzle of the Day

Restate the following as a more commonly heard phrase:

"Three noncollinear ophidia"


um, don’t let Samuel L. Jackson see this puzzle. as i recall, he gets very unhappy if anyone proposes changing the name.



gnomi, hit him, please.
Actually, this was partially my fault. I was thinking that "[Ophidia] on a Line" would be a good sequel.
Followed, no doubt, by the long-awaited, movie-version of Flatland(since we all know movies only need to license the name, and every B movie is better with ophidia)?
You should drop the "at least". More than three noncollinear ophidia are not guaranteed to be coplanar.
I knew that...

Done. Thanks.
Geeks. Why did it have to be geeks? *bemused smile*
The sequel's gonna be called "Snakes in a volume."
Nope. The sequel takes place inside a firehouse. Steve Buscemi co-stars as the guy who discovers the first snake when he jumps into his waterproof pants as an alarm goes off. All kinds of terrifying moments as no one can tell the difference between the snakes and the hoses, or the spaghetti on the stove. Above all, no one ever considers opening the three big garage doors and leaving the place.

It's called "Snakes and Ladders".
Surely the sequel must be called "Snakes in Space".
Not knowing what ophidia were, I was guessing "not having your ducks in a row"
So how are people hearing about this? I heard someone mention it at dinner or something recently, and rejected it as obviously too stupid for words. I haven't heard anything else. Is it a net.meme I'm missing? Am I just fastforwarding through all the commercials?
I consider "Snakes on a Plane" to be similar to "Mystery Men."

Except more so.

See, I described "Mystery Men" as, "The one competent superhero in town gets kidnapped and the rest of the superheroes have to rescue him. If your reaction to this premise is 'Wow, that sounds stupid,' then you shouldn't see the movie, because you will find it stupid. If your reaction is 'I have GOT to see that,' then you have to see it, because you will like it."

Except more so. 'Cause you don't even have to give the explanation. Everyone in the world will either say, "My Ghu, what a stupid idea," or "Snakes on a plane with Samuel L. Jackson? I HAVE GOT TO SEE THAT FILM!!!eleventyone!"
More in the snakes/topology realm can be found at http://slumbering.lungfish.com/2006/03/snakes.html#comments . Rick Rubenstein and Rubrick are both me.

Oh, and I notice Francis posted a link there later.

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