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This Day In History, 1992: Death of Isaac Asimov

On April 6, 1992, in the early morning hours, Isaac Asimov passed away. At the time, it was reported that his death was due to kidney failure. Ten years later, his wife Janet Jeppson Asimov revealed that Isaac had contracted HIV during the blood transfusions he received while undergoing heart bypass surgery in 1983.

I had a lot of strong personal feelings about Asimov, and I knew him tangentially. I wrote an article about my experiences with him for the fanzine Mimosa back in 1997 (edited by rwl and nwl). You can find the article on my own webpage here; or you can read the article as it was originally published, with the original illustrations, here.

For more information on Asimov, there is a Wikipedia entry on Isaac Asimov at

And finally, an excellent resource is the Asimov Online page at

I still miss him.
Tags: history, personal, science-fiction

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