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Do others ever find themselves in the same situation I find myself in right now?

I find that there's a whole bunch of things going on I'd love to blog about. From perusing my F-list and RSS feeds, I've found links to an article on the current political parties in Israel; another article on the occultation of the Pleiades by the Moon on Saturday night; another article titled Science-Fiction Novel Posits Future Where Characters Are Hastily Sketched; and a page promoting the Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition at the California Science Center.

Not to mention that a car fell into a sinkhole in Brooklyn two days ago.

The problem is, a) I don't have the time to say much about them, and 2) everyone else has linked to these things already, so what's left for me to do?


All the time.
There are so many links and stories I haven't blogged because I have nothing to add, or because by the time I notice them, it's no longer timely...
Ditto. And the solar eclipse, and... yeah, too many interesting things happening all at once. Casper Weinberger and Lyn Nofziger and Senator Byrd's wife all died the same day, f'rinstance.
And you're one of the people who provides me with too much to read!
"Often, frequently, only once."
"Oh, men of dark and dismal fate..."
Those are cool links, and I haven't seen them anywhere else, so I appreciate it! :)
You're welcome! I wish I had more time to comment, though...
Why didn't you post anything about the total solar eclipse? There isn't another until 2008.

We were up early enough to watch it on webcam, but forgot.
Because the eclipse was completely under my radar. You might say that other things in my life eclipsed it.
Understood. It's just that you usually post something about things like this.

It's been a long time since I witnessed a solar eclipse.
I'm never actually seen one live.

All the time, alas.

*back to work*
But since everyone has a different combination of friends, etc., most of your friends probably haven't seen all of those. (I know I hadn't.)
Good point.


So good I was going to make it. Even if something is all over your friends list, some of us are not on LJ and are only reading your RSS feed. And I'm sure you have readers like I do who don't follow any of this sort of news and will only see it if you blog about it.

There are no original links, just original arrangements of links.

Part of the problem, though, is point number one. I like to comment on the links I post. But I guess if I don't have the time to do so, posting the links of interest is still a good idea.
By point number one, I of course meant point letter a. :-)


All the time. However, it's possible that our readers may not have seen all the links I run across. For example, although I'm sure it's all over the web, this is the first time I'm seeing the "Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition" link.

To pass along the information at our blog, I do an opinion-free "tidbits" post every now and then to link-dump the interesting ones. Fo something I wish to comment on, I'll do a seperate post.

John D.

December 2016

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