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"Efraim, I Need Muffins!"

Back on March 3, The Kosher Blog reported on Efraim's Muffin Club. The gist of it is that a local chef and mashgiach named Efraim Krug is baking kosher muffins every Sunday morning, and if you live within the Boston Eruv he will deliver them to your door before 8:30 AM for no extra charge. (A dozen muffins costs $18.)

So for the past two Sundays, gnomi and I have had muffins delivered to our home. We've eaten a muffin for breakfast and froze the rest to enjoy during the week. For example, today I enjoyed a muffin as a mid-morning snack, since the Copley Square swag hounds don't seem inclined to provide me with anything this week.

Nomi and I agree with Jonathan Abbett of The Kosher Blog that Efraim's muffins are delicious. This week, we are enjoying chocolate mocha, lemon poppy, coffee cake and maple bran walnut muffins. I've spoken on the phone with Efraim; from my brief interactions with him, he strikes me as a genuinely nice guy with a lot of goodness in his heart. His goal in life seems to be for people who keep kosher to enjoy eating. That's a philosophy I can endorse wholeheartedly.

So, if you want more information, click the links to check out EMK Muffin Club and EMK: Efraim's Moveable Kitchen.

This has been an unpaid endorsement.
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