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Copley Square Swag Report: 3/8/06

Two days ago, I complained about companies forcing freebies on people as we commuted through Copley Square. An anonymous commenter replied that on his own commute, sometimes he would choose his route to pick up the freebies offered in Rockefeller Center and end up with treats for later in the day. He admonished me by noting, "Every so often there were some absolutely appropriate for first thing in the morning and it always started the day off on an upnote. Stop being such a curmudgeon."

(Brief note: Technically, anonymous commenting violates my journal policy as laid out on my User Info page, where I note the following: "Anonymous posters are requested to identify themselves in the body of their post. Posts from people not on the "Friends" list are screened until I have a chance to unscreen them." But in the end, it's my call, so I unscreened this one. And I think I know who it is anyway.)

Well, the last thing I want is to develop a reputation as a curmudgeon; I'm not old enough! So I've decided to take the commenter's advice. From now on, I'll pick up whatever freebies are being offered to me in Copley Square, and report on them here.

So today, as I emerged from the T, two people in advertising coveralls were passing out Quaker Breakfast Cookies, an oatmeal raisin cookie. That's right. Cookies aren't just for dinner anymore, now we can eat them for breakfast! I took two cookies and then crossed Dartmouth Street, where another person was handing out cookies. So I took two more.

And then I crossed Boylston Street, and wouldn't you know it, another person was passing out Breakfast Cookies! Yum! I snagged one more, giving me five.

(Just for the record, I was planning to link directly to Quaker's page advertising the Breakfast Cookie, but they don't have one, although they have individual pages devoted to many of their other products. Why not a page for the Breakfast Cookie if they're promoting it? The mind boggles.)

So I ask myself, what am I going to do with five Breakfast Cookies? On my way into my office building, I gave two of them to the security guards, leaving me with only three. And once ensconced in my cubicle, I examined the package. The cookies are OU-D kosher, so as a service to you, my readers, I tried one for breakfast.

What I got was a rather pedestrian oatmeal raisin cookie. I prefer chocolate chip, myself. According to the Nutrition Facts on the back, the cookie contained 180 calories, 40 of them from fat. It also had 200 mg of sodium, 30% of the RDA of calcium, 35% of the RDA of iron, and 5 g of fiber. The advertising on the front of the package claims that the cookie is a good source of fiber, and an excellent source of calcium and iron. I guess the Nutrition Facts bear that out, although it would have been nice to see a fiber breakdown between soluble and insoluble.

And to my anonymous correspondent, I'd just like to say that being handed a treat is one thing. On Monday, I was given a flyer advertising a sinus relief system which described in excruciating detail how to bend your head over the sink in order to properly stick the spout of the nasal wash pot into your nostrils. I don't know about you, but I don't consider that a treat.

And that's the swag report.


Re:the anonymous commenter, your post was picked up by Universal Hub (link -- and it got 2 comments there, too) so got a lot of non-LJ readers for that one post.
BTW, as for what to do with extra cookies, give them to homeless people you may pass along the way?
It's a very short walk, and there aren't always homeless people out that early. But yeah, that's a good idea for next time.
That nasal wash thing feels exactly like drowning, except more unpleasant. (Admittedly, my breathing does seem improved.)
Hey, if it works for you, great.
I enjoy this new feature and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
Done! :-)
You didn't completely follow the advice of the anonymous poster. Just pack the "treats" away for later. You shouldn't bother to look at it or read the info that early in the morning. You could hurt yourself.

Take it out later in the day and decide how to use it. If you had posted the cookies in the morning w/o handing them out, the suggestion of giving them to the homeless would have been in time. Because the packages are sealed and kosher, you could even donate them to Family Table.

The nasal wash is not for self use. The pamphlet describes how to punish someone! Ancient American Water Torture!


cookies for breakfast

They were handing these out last week, and I completely dismissed being offered them.. the cookie for breakfast deal was just too much for me to take seriously.

Today, however, she handed me two. And I only took one. I have no desire to eat it and it is sitting on my desk.

The only good food I've been offered in copley were these frozen french fries that were handed out last summer, I think. Yum!

It's likely that these cookies are being handed out to create hype... webpage marketing ususually doesn't happen until the rest of the bases have been covered (at least as far as the food industry is concerned.)

Re: cookies for breakfast

Hi, could you identify yourself?
But you can't have cookies for breakfast!

... How times do change. Woe to our benighted country.
I'm reminded of a Bill Bryson essay, which I found online at http://www.ahealthyadvantage.com/topic/junkfoodheaven but originally read in his book I'm a Stranger Here Myself. To set the scene, he's back in the United States after living most of his adult life in Britain, and he goes to the supermarket with his wife and discovers the following:

The breakfast cereals alone could have occupied me for most of the afternoon. There must have been two hundred types. Every possible substance that could be dried, puffed, and coated with sugar was there. The most immediately arresting was a cereal called Cookie Crisp, which tried to pretend it was a nutritious breakfast but was really just chocolate chip cookies that you put in a bowl and ate with milk. Brilliant.

Also of note were cereals called Peanut Butter Crunch, Cinnamon Mini Buns, Count-Chocula ("with Monster Marshmallows"), and a particularly hardcore offering called Cookie Blast Oat Meal, which contained four kinds of cookies. I grabbed one of each of the cereals and two of the oatmeal -- how often I've said that you shouldn't start a day without a big, steaming bowl of cookies -- and sprinted with them back to the shopping cart.

I love that final quote: "You shouldn't start a day without a big, steaming bowl of cookies."
hi, i found your page when i googled 'quaker breakfast cookie.' i finally found the the url:


not sure if i will try them though (i'm a kashi girl) but one of my coworkers likes to eat them constantly.
I like the Go Lean bars from Kashi myself.

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