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Story, Lunch, Eclipse, Ruddigore

A lot has been going on recently, and I've had very little time in my life. Some things that have been going on in my life I don't feel the need to post about; but there's enough other interesting things going on that it doesn't matter.

To begin with, the story. I've been desperately working to cut a story I wrote called "Time Ablaze" to the specifications required by the editor of Analog. Well, gnomi has been a major help in doing this, and the upshot is that on Thursday night we finally got it done. It's still a novella, but a slightly shorter one, and I think that the editor will be pleased with it. I was working on a deadline, because we're aiming this at a particular issue, but I believe I have made it. (Of course, that did mean that I've had very little time to do anything else for the past few weeks, and even when I was being social I was working on the story.)

This also meant that we were up late Thursday night, so we were utterly exhausted on Friday. Shabbat came in as a blessed relief, especially since gnomi had had to do very little cooking for it, because we were invited to two meals. Of course, the second one was a potluck, so she did have to do some cooking. She made her marinated roasted green beans and her curried sweet potatoes, and they were good.

Friday night we had dinner with friends who don't have an LJ, although gnomi syndicated Seth's weblog at sethg. Saturday, we went to the potluck lunch that arib had invited us to. Also there was a friend of his who is in dental school and bluepapercup. We spent a lot of time talking about SF, books, reading, politics, and life in general. It was fun.

I did make an odd rediscovery, though, Apparently, we'd met bluepapercup before, at the shabbat dinner at the Arisia science fiction convention back in January. Apparently, I've met a lot of people at that dinner whom I do not remember, and I feel really bad everytime I re-meet them and think it's for the first time. So please, please forgive me if that is the case. And maybe post here and remind me...

After lunch and conversation, shabbat was already over, and gnomi and I had arranged to meet chanaleh at the MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players' performance of Ruddigore. We watched the lunar eclipse as we took the T and the bus to MIT, and we happened to run into jbsegal on Mass. Ave. The show was an excellent production, and afterwards we chatted with a few people we know involved with the show, including saxikath, who was not only the Vocal Director but also performed in the chorus for that one night only. It was a delight to talk with her; she and I keep talking about getting together to talk, and it keeps not happening. I hope we'll manage to make it happen soon.


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