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This Day in History, 1801: Presidential Election Deadlock Ends

(I know, I haven't done one of these in a while...)

Two hundred and five years ago today, the third Presidential election of the United States was finally resolved. After the initial election, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr had each received 73 electoral votes, a tie, forcing the election into the House of Representatives. The House began voting on February 11, and it took 35 ballots before Jefferson won a majority of the states. Aaron Burr, coming in second, became Vice President of the United States. For 202 years, he was most well known for having been the only Vice President to shoot another person while in office. Now he has to settle for merely being the first.


Wasn't that in 1801, not 1805? Burr shot Hamilton in 1804, I thought...
Which meshes with your 205 years ago/202 years ago numbers, now that I think about it. Just not the 1805 date.
I meant to put 1801 in the title, not 1805. Typo, fixed now. Thanks!
Cheney was apparently unaware of this fact.

But Burr still stands as the only VP to kill someone by his own hand while in office.

Checking a few websites confirms it was the 1800 election, not the 1804 election, that was deadlocked.
I am reminded of a legend that when the French Parliament discussed a bill to outlaw duelling, one of the Socialist MPs opined that if members of the bourgeoisie wanted to kill one another off, he wasn't going to stand in their way....
I just fixed the typo. Thanks!
Sad, very sad, considering he's supposed to be the brains of that outfit...

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