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Andreas Katsulas (1946-2006)

As has been reported elsewhere, the actor Andreas Katsulas died of cancer on February 13. I saw the first reports of the news last night.

I never met Katsulas, but I appreciated his performances as Tomalak on Star Trek: The Next Generation and of course as G'Kar on Babylon 5. I have always felt that Katsulas deserved an Emmy for his portrayal of G'Kar, and it was only because Babylon 5 was a syndicated genre show that he was never nominated.

Some nice tributes can be found on Peter David's blog: RIP Andreas Katsulas.

I'm thinking that I might watch an episode of Babylon 5 in his honor tonight. Suggestions would be welcome.


"The Universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice. The language is not Narn or Human or Centauri or Gaim or Minbari. It speaks in the langauge of hope, it speaks in the langauge of trust, it speaks in the language of strength and the language of compassion. It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul. But, always, it is the same voice. It is the voice of our ancestors, speaking through us, and the voice of our inheritors, waiting to be born. It is the small, still voice that says: We are one. No matter the blood. No matter the skin. No matter the world.Not matter the star. We are one. No matter the pain. No matter the darkness. No matter the loss. No matter the fear. We are one. Here, gathered together in common cause, we agree to recognize this singular truth and this singular rule: That we must be kind to one another. Because, each voice enriches us and enobles us and each voice lost diminishes us. We are the voice of the Universe, the soul of creation, the fire that will light the way to a better future. We are one. We are one."

-- G'Kar, the Declaration of Principles


Unlike most in the fannish community, I never cared for B5. But I knew talent when I saw it, and Mr. Katsulas, by himself and opposite Peter Jurasik, had it in buckets.

My condolences to his family, friends and fans.
Andreas Kasulas conveyed more emotion just through facial expression -- under all that make-up and whatnot -- than many actors do with no hinderances at all. He deserved more recognition for his work on B5.

Perhaps "The Long Twlight Struggle"? IIRC, it has some fine G'kar moments. (I hope I'm not confusing it with other episodes in the close of season 2.)
Is this the one you were thinking of: http://www.midwinter.com/lurk/synops/042.html ?
Yes, that's the one. Some of the most powerful G'Kar scenes of the entire series are in that episode.
Oh NO! This is awful. Sixty is too young to die these days.


I will really miss him.
Sadly, he hadn't quite reached 60 yet. His birthday was May 18.
I suppose the Coming of the Shadows is the best one in revealing that character's depths and highlighting his transition from the villain he played in the first season to the tragic hero of the second season.
That's the first one that came to my mind to watch, but I did want to see what other people recommended.
"Revelations", for his reading of "The Second Coming".
That is powerful, yes.
I heard about this elsewhere, but aw, man. What an amazing actor. I'm going to have to rewatch all those eps, watch the character unfold again.
I like the idea of watching a B5 episode to honor him--whatever my other problems with the 5th season may be, I think I'll probably watch the one where he leaves with Leta, the last sight of him being where he is walking away from the camera.
There are some wonderful G'Kar moments there.

No one's yet suggested "War Without End," when we actually get to see the end of G'Kar's life.
"That ant meets another ant and asks, what was that?...There are things in the Universe billions of years older than either of our races. They are vast, timeless, and if they are aware of us at all, it is as little more than ants and we have as much chance of communicating with them as an ant has with us. We know. We've tried and we've learned that we can either stay out from underfoot or be stepped on. They are a mystery and I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the Universe, that we have not explained everything." Babylon 5, "Mind War"
Hmmmm, yeah. Might be time to go back and rewatch all my old B5 tapes.

Very sad to hear this news. )-:
I thought he was great as Sykes, the one armed man in 'The Fugitive'.

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