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Snowstorm History - Boston and New York City

When we have a day like today, with what is already being described as the Blizzard of 2006, I like to remind people of the history of major snowstorms in Boston and NYC. Here are the lists for those who are interested.

Boston's Top 12 Snowstorms (up until today):

1. February 17-18, 2003
27.5 inches

2. February 6, 1978
27.1 inches

3. February 24, 1969
26.3 inches

4. March 31, 1997
25.4 inches

5. January 22-23, 2005
22.5 inches

6. January 20, 1978
21.4 inches

7. March 3, 1960
19.8 inches

8. February 16, 1958
19.4 inches

9. February 8, 1994
18.7 inches

10. (tie) January 7-8, 1996 & December 20-22, 1975
18.2 inches

11. February 5, 1920
17.3 inches

New York City's Top 5 Snowstorms (up until today):

1. December 26-27, 1947
26.4 inches

2. March 12-14, 1888
21.0 inches

3. January 7-8, 1996
20.2 inches

4. February 16-17, 2003
19.5 inches

5. March 7-8, 1941
18.1 inches


The snowstorm of February 2003 had rather a lot of impact on my life as I now know it.
Wow. I'm glad you eventually recovered.
Indeed, it could have been a lot worse. I'm far less reckless nowadays.

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, reading your account of last year's Arisia. Bags of swag and snowdrifts...
The big problem during the "Blizzard of '78" was that it was really two record-setting blizzards in quick succession, as the list points out. There was just nowhere to put the snow of the second one!
According to Jeff Masters, this blizzard is now in the #2 spot on New York's list.
Once the storm is over, I'll need an official snowfall depth so I can add it to the list. (Wonder if it'll break the 1888 record?)
I meant, of course, will it break 1947. (It already broke 1888.)
I heard 22 inches.
It broke the record. 26.9.
My great-great-grandfather and his family moved from Russia to New York in 1887. One morning the following winter, he looked out the window and told his mother, "I don't think I should go to school today."
His mother said, "Who ever heard of not going to school because of a little snow?"
My great-great-grandfather got as far as the convenience store on the next corner and was stuck there for three days.
He stuck one block away for three days? He couldn't get back home one block?


If I remember correctly, the blizzard of 1888 shows up in the Jack Finney novel Time and Again.
Time and Again takes place in 1882*, but it's possible that there's a scene with the blizzard several years later.

*I know this with certainty because it was my favorite book for several years, during which I got my first email account, map1882@aol.


According to the news, there have been 24.8" of snow as of 1pm... and I can see more flurries (much smaller but still constant) out the window. I am curious what the final tally will be... and if I should try to brave the weather and go out and play.)

Totally random question: Do you have any Glatt Kosher restaurants in NYC and MA that you can recommend? I have a friend who is deathly allergic to dairy, and I suddenly realized that those restaurants would be the perfect place for her to eat without worrying about hidden butter or cheese!

Re: Well...

If all you're looking for is non-dairy, you don't need a glatt kosher restaurant, just a fleishig one. In NYC, there's an abundance of these places, such as the Le Marais steakhouse and a bunch of Chinese restaurants. In Massachusetts, I'd suggest Rubin's Deli and Taam China.

Re: Well...

Dougie's is also a good kosher meat restaurant.
Interesting - thanks! Have they announced today's total yet?
17.5 inches of snow. Rank: #11.
Interesting - thanks! I was guessing about 18 based on how high it was on my car, I was close...
i could have sworn that the snowstorms of Feb 1983 and March 1993 would be on NY's top 5. I thought they were both in the low 20" range.
Remember that "official" tallies of snowfall and what people see tend to be different. In NYC, the official tally is measured in Central Park. But out in Queens, often the snowfall would be substantially higher. And when the wind blows and creates huge snowdrifts, you might find yourself walking in two feet of snow on days where the official tally was maybe just over a foot.
I know, but I could have sworn that the Lincoln's Birthday snowstorm of 1983 was 22" or something like that. It was the only snowstorm I've seen where cars were stranded and buried right in the middle of Springfield Blvd, a busy two lane thoroughfare, and 67th avenue went unplowed for days.
The Lindsay storm didn't make the top five. Too bad, that was the week before I was born and was actually my due date.

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