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CowParade Is Coming to Boston!

What is CowParade?

CowParade is a public art project that exists to raise money for charity. Since about 1999, CowParade has sponsored artists to decorate sculptures of cows, which then get placed all around a major metropolitan city. The public gets to enjoy the cows, and then the cows are herded up and auctioned for charity. For more information, see the CowParade: About Us.

New York City got its share of cows back in 2000, and I remember running into a few when I was visiting. I even bought the book of cows so I could always go back and enjoy seeing the pictures of the cow sculptures. Artists are encouraged to design cows that fit the theme of the host city, so some of the cows were based on nearby buildings. (The "Twin Cowers" sculpture has taken on more somber tones since 9/11.)

Well, now CowParade is coming to Boston! This summer, Boston will be invaded by a herd of cow sculptures. It's being organized by The Jimmy Fund, and there's a whole long list of sponsors. I encourage everyone local to get out this summer and enjoy this bovine festival!
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Toronto did moose in 2001. Halifax did lobsters last year.
I would love to see lobsters, moose, and cows all parading together.
I think Boston tried to do cod a couple of years back, but it didn't catch on.
It was the Cavalcade of Cod. Here's one.
In my past job, I had occasion to become way too familiar with CowParade and its inner workings -- not just the people running it, but also some of its operational details, safety issues with the "sculptures" themselves, etc. You know what they say about not wanting to see how sausage (or legislation) is made? 'Nuff said.
Baltimore has crabs.
Doctors can help with that these days.
Ha, ha, ha.
Chicago was actually the first city to do the Cow Parade. (they/we picked cows because of the famed stockyards, don'tcha know) It was before you moved here.
Um, I never moved to Chicago...
you're in a suburb of chicago now. i'm just sayin', if you had moved "to the chicagoland area" before the cows came (home?) you would have heard about it and seen it to know they were here. but they stopped talking about it less than a year after they left, right after they auctioned them all off for charity. and you didn't move to within TV/radio/etc broadcasting distance till after then.
you're in a suburb of chicago now

Wow, that Boston subway system has really extended its reach!
you know what?

for some reason which escapes me, i thought i was commenting in someone else's LJ. a rather specific someone, who just moved here about five years ago. i have no clue now why i thought that. twice! my wrong-thinking survived for me to make the second comment. and it's not like the two people are using the same icon or anything.

::shakes head::

it's too late in the day for me to get more caffiene. how about a nap? this is very embarrassing.

i'm sorry michael.
No need to apologize; I was just majorly confused...

(Remind me to tell you about the friend who thought we lived in Canada.)
yeah but this was worse. i didn't simply think you live in chicago, never mind the title and tense of your post. i thought you weren't YOU.


Actually, Chicago got the cow idea from Zurich, where it'd been done the year before (1998).
oh yes! i had forgotten.

well OK then. but we were still the first in the U.S. ;)
stakebait and I saw one of the NY cows in someone's gated front yard just last night. Apparently they were for sale after the parade, but why someone would want that particular cow is beyond me.

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