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Infinite Crisis Speculation Wednesday

[Spoilers for Infinite Crisis #1-4]

I didn't have time to post about Infinite Crisis #4 when it came out last month, partly because I was still processing how I felt about the story. On the one hand, I have a "fan boy" perspective on how cool it is that they brought back Alexander Luthor-3 and Superboy-Prime.

On the other hand, I really dislike the way those two characters have become villains.

Well, the moving finger writes on. Now that we've made it to the halfway point of the series, I think I have an idea of where the story is heading. So, it's the return of Infinite Crisis Speculation Day!

For those of you who have been reading, you know that by the end of issue #4, Earth-2 has been recreated, and the heroes of Earth-2 seemed to have been summoned back to their "native" universe. This has been the goal of Superman-2, to get his own universe back, so Lois will be cured of whatever ails her.

But it's not the goal of Luthor-3. In issue #4, Luthor-3 implied that recreating Earth-2 is only a step along the way. What could he possibly have in mind?

Here's my current theory.

Luthor-3 convinced Superman-2 and Superboy-Prime that they could recreate the entire Multiverse, or at least their own universes, so that they could all go back home. But I bet that Luthor knows that there's only enough "chronal energy" or whatever to support the existence of one universe. Because of the events of the original Crisis twenty years ago, the existence of two or more Earths has become inherently unstable. Luthor, Superboy, and Superman all want their own worlds back, but only Luthor knows that in the end, there can be only one.

Luthor-3 has chosen to recreate Earth-2 first, to get Superman-2 out of his hair. As far as he's concerned, Superman-2 is completely oblivious as to what is going on. Furthermore, I think he sent Superboy-Prime off to confront the current Superboy because he knew that would get Superboy-Prime out of his hair as well. Now that the two of them are out of the picture, he's going to allow the two current Earths to fall apart, using their energy to recreate Earth-3...and therefore allow himself to finally meet his parents and have a normal life.

So I think in the next few issues we're going to see some major conflict, as the current heroes try to keep their universe from being destroyed, while Superman-2 and Luthor-3 also come to blows over whose universe will get to survive. And in the end, I think after all is said and done, we're going to see Superman-2 sacrifice his life so that the current Earth will continue to exist, but possibly changed for the better.

Remember in issue #1, when Batman told Superman that the last time he inspired people was when he died? I think the death of Superman-2 will become the inspiration to the current heroes to restore hope to their universe, and we'll finally move away from the grim and gritty direction that DC Comics has taken in the past few years.

This would actually go a long way toward explaining the cover for the upcoming Infinite Crisis #6 that appears to show the two Earths merging together and destroying each other....


I was reading some online reviews/speculations of Infinite Crisis the other day, ranting about Luthor had "gone evil." So I went and reread his bits in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

He wasn't a hero, or a villain in that series. He was the Monitors weapon against the AntiMonitor. I like your idea that he's trying to recreate his own world to have a life of his own.

But, who from his earth is attached to the Tower? He's the only survivor (as the Crime Syndicate is now part of the AntiMatter Universe and hasn't really been referenced much in this series) of his world and he didn't hook himself up to the tower. He must be capable of using his own vibration signiture to recreate his world.
(lets not discuss physics, or science too much, as they don't apply here)
That all sounds very plausible. I look forward to seeing how many of your predictions will bear fruit over the next few issues.
Why would Luthor wish to re-create Earth 3? Didn't he constantly loose to the Crime Syndicate on that world?

I propose that he wants to create his own world, in his image, where he has ultimate power (the one thing consistant with all Luthors...). He'll get the chronal energy by destroying the freshly re-created Multiverse all over again. I think he'll get pretty far until stopped, and I think your guess about E2-Superman is probably right on the money.

Also, what about them becoming "villians" don't you like?
I think Superboy probably couldn't be called a villian, just very confused and easily manipulated by Luthor...

SUB-QUESTION: All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder - Have you read it, what do you think about it?
This Luthor has no memory of losing to the Crime Syndicate. That was his father, whom he never got to know, because Earth-3 was destroyed when he was a baby.

I think you may be right about him creating a different world, though.

As for your sub-question, I read the first two issues and decided not to bother with it. I am intrigued by All-Star Superman, however.
I agree that the ultimate showdown will be with Luthor-3 and Superman-2 ( which sounds funny considering he's the first Superman.) I don't think the multiverse will be around at the end of the series as most people assume.
I don't know about his wanting to recreate Earth-3, because he has no memory of it... but I agree with you that Earth-2 probably isn't his ultimate goal.
Everything you write sounds right on the money with a realistic plotline. I really hope they wrap up all the smallver story lines that have been building and twisting over the past couple of years but I guess most of those will be resolved in their own titles.

It's going to be an exciting couple of months in the DCU
Except that, from all places, pics of an upcoming wave of Infinite Crisis action figures seem to indicate something else may be going on. Spoiler after blank space.

There's a Superboy-Prime figure...but he looks different from when we saw him getting pulled into the Speed Force. Specifically, somewhat zombieish...and wearing items of the Anti-Monitor's armor. I'm thinking A-M is going to be revealed as the ultimate puppeteer at some point. Also, from hints he's dropped on his blog, it sounds like Marv Wolfman's story in the upcoming Crisis Secret Files will fill in a lot of missing info, as it's supposed to cover what happened between COIE and IC...and I get the feeling it'll explain some whys as well as recap past events.
Can we see a picture?

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