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A Parking Holiday of Their Own

How does a relatively new ethnic group in New York City know that it has finally made it? Its own parade? Its own neighborhood? A desire among New Yorkers for its particular type of cuisine?

No. Its own parking holiday:

...after several years of lobbying, the City Council recognized Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, as an official city holiday....

Now the festivities will carry a governmental seal of approval. Besides marking Diwali on all its calendars — the holiday begins this year on Oct. 21 — the city will acknowledge the day with the time-honored gesture of suspending alternate-side parking rules, at least for the first day. With the City Council vote, which was Dec. 8, Diwali will become the 34th city holiday, among them Asian Lunar New Year and Id al-Adha, during which New Yorkers are relieved of the duty of moving their cars for street cleaning....

[New York Times, Jan 29, 2006]
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