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New Horizons Nine-Year Meme

For those who want to play, glishara's comment here has sparked an idea for a meme.

Where will you be and what will you be up to in 2015 when New Horizons reaches Pluto?

My answer: I hope I'll still be writing science fiction...

(Question edited in response to a comment below.)


I like. I shall pass it on in my LJ. :)
The question posed was "Where will you be..." not "What will you be doing?"

Try again, Mabfan!

A1: I will be on Mars.
A2: Studying Torah w/ Martians.
The question can be answered as open-endedly as people want.

Feel free to carry the meme into your own blog, as people usually do.
All the people that read my blog read yours, so there's no point.
But do they all click through to the comments? That's the question...
In 2015, I'll be working as a registered dietitian, raising a teenager, spending my weekends playing with my band as regulars at a couple local pubs (me on my banjo or bass -- possibly both) and growing things in my garden. Today, I'll be stealing this question for my own journal.
I'll hopefully have at least one feature film under my belt, even if all it does is sit on a shelf in my house, and be consistantly working in film.
You're going to leave your belt on a shelf?
I would like to be married to freakydimension, working at in a research position at a California university, hopefully with the PhD finished.
I'll be the main acquisitions editor for computer books and science fiction books at my current place of employment.
What sort of SF manuscripts will you be looking for, and will you be offering competitive advances? :-)
See my post for the sort of SF I'll probably be looking for.

As for advances, we mostly don't offer them now, and I don't really know enough about cash flow and how finances work to know if it's likely that we'll be doing more of that by 2015. I also don't know if we're going to need to offer advances in order to get good SF books.
Standing on Pluto (or Charon if it has a better view) waving at the camera with a bunch of other geeks.

[OK, so it's darn unlikely. Still, if we manage to get a new and significantly better propulsion system going such that it's possible for semi-random folk to reasonably easily beat New Horizons there, I'd certainly like to do it for the hack value]
There's an SF story with a similar theme; I think it's by Shane Tourtellotte. The very first crew sent out into deep space using STL encounters the first FTL crew, come to fetch them back. As they are returning home, they feel disheartened, thinking their trip was wasted, but the people at home welcome them back as heroes.


Not to mention Time for the Stars
Someone beat me to mentioning Time For The Stars, but from comics there's also Vance Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy; he was launched in the late 20th century on a 1,000 year flight to Alpha Centauri spent in suspended animation, only to be greeted when he arrived by a bunch of Terran colonists who'd used an FTL drive.
Writing at the kitchen table, waiting for the kids to come home from school.

The simplest things are the hardest to come by.
I'll still be here, and hopefully writing novels that appear on bookshelves other than my own.

December 2016

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