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Out to Launch: New Horizons Updates, January 19, 2006

Here we go...

NASA TV is broadcasting live from the Cape. According to the Virtual Launch Center, the Atlas V rocket is fueled and ready to go at 1:08 PM EST. Let's talk!



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We're at T-15 minutes and counting...
And they say there will be a built-in ten minute hold, but we're still scheduled for a 1:08 PM launch.
Love watching the birds and imagining how surprised they're going to be when the rocket goes up. There was an heron flying by at one point on Tuesday.
I remember the birds. It's funny to see them fly past the rocket.
NASA TV is showing a beautiful satellite image of Florida.
They seem to have just reported green for all weather constraints...
The weather check-in remarked that "proton flux is within normal levels."

That sounds way too Star Trekky. :-)
Trend towards the better! Clouds are thinning out!
All systems go pending weather.
No go on the range coordinator. Dang.
New T-0: 1:25 PM
Which is 18:25 Z.
I think they said they want a new T-0 of 1825 Zulu.
When I first opened the NASA TV window on my computer, I thought it looked too cloudy, but was hoping it was just the angle of the camera.
Now they're saying they can't support 1825Z.
1830Z is new T-0
New T-0:18:30 Z.
The suspense is killing me...
They're pushing it back again.
New T-0: 1840Z
Weather is clearing, cloudwise; looking good for a 1840 launch, they just said.
No Go Again. Clouds at 6k feet.
And now no-go from the range control. *sigh*
A watched rocket never launches?
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